Jarvis, David

Plant & Wildlife Sciences

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Website: http://https://orphanedcrops.byu.edu/

5133  LSB
Provo, UT 84602

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae

I am an Assistant Professor in the Plant and Wildlife Sciences department at Brigham Young University (BYU). I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees from BYU and my Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. Prior to coming to BYU in 2017, I was a post-doctoral fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). I have experience in molecular biology, genetics, and genomics.
 Teaching Interests
Genomics, genetics
 Research Interests
My research interests focus on the development of genomic tools that can aid in the agronomic improvement of understudied crops such as quinoa. Of particular interest is improving the ability of these crops to grow in marginal environments, such as areas containing high levels of soil salinity.
  • Plant Sciences, , University of Arizona, 2014
  • Genetics and Biotechnology, , Brigham Young University, 2006
  • Biotechnology, , Brigham Young University, 2004
 Courses Taught

Fall 2018
  • PWS 468: Genomics Section 001
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 027
Summer 2018
  • PWS 697R: Research Section 011
Spring 2018
  • PWS 697R: Research Section 011
Winter 2018
  • PWS 288: Molecular Genetics Laboratory Section 001
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 030

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lightfoot DJ, Jarvis D, Ramaraj T, Lee R, Jellen EN, Maughan PJ. 2017. Single molecule sequencing and Hi-C based proximity-guided assembly of amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) chromosomes provides insights into genome evolution. BMC Genomics. 15(74). <website>

Jarvis DE, Ho YS, Lightfoot DJ, Schm√∂ckel SM, Li B, Borm T, Ohyanagi H, Mineta K, Michell CT, Saber N, et al. 2017. The genome of Chenopodium quinoa. Nature. <website> doi:DOI 10.1038/nature21370

Book Chapter

Murphy KM, Matanguihan JB, Fuentes FF, Gomez-Pando LR, Jellen EN, Maughan PJ, Kolano B. 2018. Quinoa Breeding and Genomics. Irwin Goldman, editor. Plant Breeding Reviews. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell. vol. 42 p. 257-308


Jarvis D, Maughan PJ, Jellen EN, Tester M. An Updated Chromosome-Scale Assembly of Quinoa using Hi-C. Sequencing, Finishing, and Analysis in the Future (SFAF) Meeting. Santa Fe, NM. 2018 .

Jarvis D, Maughan PJ, Jellen EN, Tester M. An Updated Chromosome-Scale Assembly of Quinoa using Hi-C. Plant and Animal Genome XXVI Conference, Quinoa and related species workshop. San Diego, CA. 2018 .

Maughan PJ, Jarvis D, Jellen EN. The Quinoa Genome. VI Congreso Mundial de la Quinoa; III Simposio Internacional de Granos Andinos. Puno, Peru. 2017 .

Maughan PJ, Ramaraj T, Jarvis D, Lightfoot D, Lee R, Jellen EN. PacBio and Hi-C Based Proximity-Guided Assembly of Amaranth Pseudo Chromosomes. Plant and Animal Genome XXV. San Diego, CA. 2017 .

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