Mack, Gary

Exercise Sciences

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120G  RB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-2466


Curriculum Vitae

 Courses Taught

Fall 2018
  • EXSC 463: Exercise Physiology Section 002
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 011
  • EXSC 667: Lab Methods & Procedures Section 001
Winter 2018
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 001
  • EXSC 751: Sem: Prof Writing Section 001
  • EXSC 766: Adv Exerc Phy Cardiopulmonary Section 001
Fall 2017
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 002
  • EXSC 666: Exercise Physiology Section 001
  • EXSC 667: Lab Methods & Procedures Section 001
Spring 2017
  • EXSC 463: Exercise Physiology Section 001

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Johnson PK, Feland JB, Johnson AW, Mack GW, Mitchell UH. 2014. Effect of whole body vibration on skin blood flow and nitric oxide production. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 8(4):889-894. <website> doi:10.1177/1932296814536289

Mitchell UH, Mack GW. 2013. Low level laser treatment with near-infrared light increases venous nitric oxide levels acutely: single blind, randomized clinical trial of efficacy. American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 92(2):151-156. <website>

MIller K, Mack GW, Knight KL, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Fields PJ, Hunter I. 2010. Three percent hypohydration does not affect the threshold frequency of electrically-induced cramps. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 42:2056-2063.

Miller K, Mack GW, Knight KL, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Fields P, Hunter I. 2009. Reflex inhibition of electrically-induced muscle cramps in hypohydrated humans. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2009 Dec 4. [Epub ahead of print]. <website>

Tegeder A, Hunter I, Mack GW, Hilton SC. 2008. Long-Distance Interval Training Following Pre-Cooling with an Ice Vest. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. 3:269-275.


Hyldahl RD, Gifford JR, Parcell AC, Hancock CR, Davidson LE, Mack GW. Physiological assessment of a 16-day, 4,385 km ultra-endurance mountain bike race: a case study. SWACSM. Costa Mesa, CA. 2018 .

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