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Provo, UT 84602
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  • PhD, Evolution & Ecology, University of Vermont, 2000
  • BA, Biology (Minor: Chemistry), University of Utah, 1995
  • AS, Liberal Arts, Snow College, 1993

  • Professor, Brigham Young University, 2015-Present
  • Associate Professor, Brigham Young University, 2010-2015
  • Visiting Sabbatical Scholar, University of Padua, Italy, 2011-2012
  • Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University, 2004-2010
  • Auxiliary Professor, University of Washington, Tacoma, 2003-2004

Academic - P-12
  • Science Teacher Inservice Instructor, Utah State Office of Education / Higher Eduction Partnership, 2007-Present

Academic - Post-Secondary
  • Postdoctoral Associate, United States National Academies of Science and Engineering, Seattle, 2001-2004
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2000-2001

 Honors and Awards
  • Brigham Young University : Young Scholar Award
  • Brigham Young University : University Devotional Speaker
  • College of Life Sciences, Brigham Young University : Outstanding Research Award
  • Utah Science Teachers Association : Outstanding Contributor in Science Education
  • Brigham Young University : Karl and Mollie Butler Young Scholar Award
  • U. S. National Research Council : U.S. National Academies of Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Research Award
  • American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists : Raney Award
  • U.S. National Science Foundation : National Science Foundation Graduate Training Fellow
  • American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists : Stoye Award - Honorable Mention
  • Brigham Young University : Cottam Award
 Courses Taught

Summer 2018
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 013
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 005
Spring 2018
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 026
  • BIO 559R: Tropical Biology Section 009
Winter 2018
  • BIO 420: Evolutionary Biology Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 007, 031, 033, 035
  • BIO 559R: Tropical Biology Section 018
  • BIO 652: Evolutionary Ecology Section 001
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 006
  • IAS 380R: Cultural Proofs Section 001
Fall 2017
  • BIO 130: Biology Section 006, 007, 008, 009
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 008, 30
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 4

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ingley SJ, Asl MR, Wu C, Cui R, Gadelhak MI, Li W, Zhang J, Veen T, Johnson JB, Yan W, et al. 2015. anyFish 2.0: an open-source software platform to generate and share animated fish models to study behaviour. Software X. 3-4:13-21.  doi:10.1016/j.softx.2015.10.001

Bagley JC, Johnson JB. 2014. Phylogeography and biogeography of the lower Central American Neotropics: diversification between two continents, between two seas. Biological Reviews. 89(4):767-790.  doi:10.1111/brv.12076

Ingley SJ, Johnson JB. 2014. Animal personality as a driver of reproductive isolation. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 29(7):369-371.

Zuniga-Vega JJ, Ingley SJ, Unmack PJ, Johnson JB. 2014. Do freshwater ecoregions and continental shelf width predict patterns of historical gene flow in the freshwater fish Poecilia butleri ?. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Bagley JC, Sandel MW, Travis J, Lozano-Vilano ML, Johnson JB. 2013. Paleoclimatic modeling and phylogeography of least killifish (Heterandria formosa) reveal effects of Late Quarternary climate cycles on North American Coastal Plain biodiversity. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 13(223).  doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-223

Unmack PJ, Hammer MP, Adams M, Johnson JB, Dowling TE. 2013. The role of continental shelf width in determining freshwater phylogeography in southeastern Australian pygmy perches (Teleostei: Percichthyidae). Molecular Ecology. 22:1683-1699.

Larson AD, Scarborough PL, Sayre CL, Johnson JB. 2012. What can phylogeographic breaks in the livebearer Poeciliopsis turrubarensis tell us about fish community boundaries in western Costa Rica?. Journal of Fish Biology. 80(3):728-736.

Zuniga-Vega JJ, Olivera-Tlaheul C, Maceda-Cruz J, Molina-Zuluaga CM, Johnson JB. 2012. Intraspecific variation in mortality rates in the livebearing fish Poeciliopsis baenschi. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 95:259-273.

Unmack PJ, Barriga JP, Battini MA, Habit E, Johnson JB. 2012. Phylogeography of the catfish Hatcheria macraei reveals a negligible role of contemporary drainage divides in structuring populations. Molecular Ecology. 21(4):942-959.

Baker MJ, Williams LF, Lybbert AH, Johnson JB. 2012. How ecological science is portrayed in the mass media. EcoSphere. 3(1):Article 9. <website>

Barber BR, Unmack PJ, Perez Losada M, Johnson JB, Crandall KA. 2011. Different processes lead to similar patterns: a test of codivergence and the role of sea level and climate changes in shaping a southern temperate freshwater assemblage. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 11:343. <website>

Adams M, Wedderburn SD, Unmack PJ, Hammer MP, Johnson JB. 2011. Use of congeneric assessment to reveal the linked genetic histories of two threatened fishes in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia. Conservation Biology. 25:767-776.

Scott LE, Johnson JB. 2010. Does sympatry predict life history and morphological diversification in the Mexican livebearing fish Poeciliopsis baenschi?. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 100(3):608-616.

Zamora-Abrego JG, Chang YC, Zuniga-Vega JJ, Nieto-Montes De Oca A, Johnson JB. 2010. Demography of a knob-scaled lizard in northeastern Queretaro, Mexico. Herpetologica. 66(1):39-51. <website>

Hickerson MJ, Carstens BC, Cavender-Bares J, Crandall KA, Graham CH, Johnson JB, Rissler L, Victoriano PF, Yoder AD. 2010. Phylogeography's past, present, and future: 10 years after Avise 2000. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 54:291-301.

Johnson JB, Peat S, Adams BJ. 2009. Where's the ecology in molecular ecology?. Oikos. 118:1601-1609.

Lee J, Johnson JB. 2009. Biogeography of the livebearing fish Poecilia gillii in Costa Rica: are phylogeographic breaks congruent with fish community boundaries?. Molecular Ecology. 18:4088-4101.

Johnson JB, Zuniga-Vega JJ. 2009. Differential mortality predicts life history evolution and shapes population demography in the livebearing fish Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora. Ecology. 90:2243-2252.

Johnson JB, Adair MJ, Adams BJ, Fairbanks D, Itamura V, Jeffery DE, Merrell DB, Ritter SM, Tolman RR. 2009. Evolution education in Utah: a state office of education-university partnership focuses on why evolution matters. Evolution: Education & Outreach. 2:349-358. <website>

Jones CP, Johnson JB. 2009. Phylogeography of the livebearer Xenophallus umbratilis (Teleostei: Poeciliidae): glacial cycles and sea level change predict diversification of a freshwater tropical fish. Molecular Ecology. 18:1640-1653.

Book Chapter

Johnson JB, Bagley JC. 2011. Ecological drivers of life history divergence in Poeciliid fishes. J. Evan, I. Schlupp, and A. Pilastro, editors. Ecology and evolution of livebearing fishes. (Eds. J. Evans, A. Pilastro, and I. Schlupp).

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