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Curriculum Vitae

 Teaching Interests
vertebrate zoology, ichthyology, herpetology, ecology, evolutionary ecology
 Research Interests
predator-prey interactions, life history evolution, native fish conservation, fisheries, parasites, burying beetles, fishes
  • Ecological Society of America, 1987-Present
 Honors and Awards
  • College of Life Sciences, BYU : Outstanding Research Award
 Courses Taught

Fall 2018
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 002
Summer 2018
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 007
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 010
Spring 2018
  • BIO 194: Intro to Mentored Research Section 002
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 008
  • BIO 559R: Adv Topics Ecology & Evolution Section 002
Winter 2018
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 003
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 002

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rasmussen J, Belk MC. 2017. Predation environment affects boldness temperament of neotropical livebearers. Ecology and Evolution. 7:3059-3066.  doi:10.1002/ece3.2886

Aguilar C, Wood PL, Belk MC, Duff MH, Sites, Jr. JW. 2016. Different roads lead to Rome: integrative taxonomic approaches lead to the discovery of two new lizard lineages in the Liolaemus montanus group (Squamata: Liolaemodae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.  doi:10.1111/bij.12890

Belk MC, Billman EJ, Ellsworth C, McMillan BR. 2016. Does habitat restoration increase coexistence of native stream fishes with introduced brown trout: a case study on the middle Provo River, Utah, USA. Water. 8:121. <website> doi:10.3390/w8040121

Gale BH, Johnson JB, Schaalje GB, Belk MC. 2013. Effects of predation environment and food availability on somatic growth in the livebearing fish Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora (Pisces: Poeciliidae). Ecology and Evolution. 3:326-333. <website>

Wesner JS, Billman EJ, Belk MC. 2012. Multiple predators indirectly alter community assembly across ecological boundaries. Ecology. 93:1674-1682.

Rasmussen JE, Belk MC. 2012. Dispersal behavior correlates with personality of a North American fish. Current Zoology. 58:260-270.

Hassell EM, Meyers PJ, Billman EJ, Rasmussen JE, Belk MC. 2012. Ontogeny and sex alter the effect of predation on body shape in a livebearing fish: sexual dimorphism, parallelism, and costs of reproduction. Ecology and Evolution. 2:1738-1746.

Belk MC, Tuckfield RC. 2011. Effect of density on growth and survival of young June sucker. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):490-498.

Kreitzer JD, Billman EJ, Belk MC, Rader RB. 2011. Growth of young June sucker (Chasmistes liorus) is associated with zooplankton density in Utah Lake. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):499-506.

Belk MC, Rader RB, Mills MD. 2011. Lake suckers in the western U.S.A.: history, ecology, natural history, and bibliography of an endangered genus. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):437-441.

Rasmussen JE, Belk MC, Habit E, Shiozawa DK, Hepworth RD, Anthony A. 2011. Variation in size-at-age between native cutthroat and introduced brown trout in allopatry and sympatry: implications for competitive interaction. Aquatic Biology. 13(3):285-292.

Wesner JS, Billman EJ, Meier A, Belk MC. 2011. Morphological convergence during pregnancy among predator and non-predator populations of the livebearing fish Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora (Teleostei: Poecilidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 104(2):386-392.

Belk MC, Nance EE, Johnson JB. 2011. Life history of Brachyrhaphis parismina: variation among and within populations. Copeia. 2011:372-378. <website>

Billman EJ, Tjarks BJ, Belk MC. 2011. Effect of predation and habitat quality on growth and reproduction of a stream fish. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 20(1):102-113.

Rader RB, Belk MC, Hotchkiss RH, Brown J. 2010. The stream–lake ecotone: potential habitat for juvenile endangered June suckers (Chasmistes liorus). Western North American Naturalist. 70(4):553-561. <website>

Habit E, Piedra P, Ruzzante DE, Walde SJ, Belk MC, Cussac VE, Gonzalez J, Colin N. 2010. Changes in the distribution of native fishes in response to introduced species and other anthropogenic effects. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 19(5):697-710. <website>

Kreitzer JD, Belk MC, Gonzalez DB, Tuckfield RC, Shiozawa DK, Rasmussen JE. 2010. Ontogenetic diet shift in the June sucker Chasmistes liorus (Cypriniformes, Catostomidae) in the early juvenile stage. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 19(3):433-438. <website>

Belk MC, Tuckfield RC. 2010. Changing costs of reproduction: age-based differences in reproductive allocation and escape performance in a livebearing fish. Oikos. 119(1):163-169. <website>

Conference Proceedings

Monk SK, Wait LE, Hotchkiss RH, Billman E, Belk MC, Stuhff D. 2012. Culvert Roughness Elements for Native Utah Fish Passage. Eric D. Loucks, editor. Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers.

Journal Contribution, Nonfiction

Smith AN, Creighton C, Belk MC. 2017. Why does it take two to tango? Lifetime fitness consequences of parental care in a burying beetle. PLOS ONE. 12(10).  doi:e0186466

Simkins R, Belk MC. 2017. No evidence of nonlinear effects of predator density, refuge availability, or body size of prey on prey mortality rates. Ecology and Evolution. 7:6119-6124.  doi:10.1002/ece3.3183

Brooksby AM, Oguz MC, Belk MC. 2017. A first survey of metazoan parasites in the fishes of Lake Powell, Utah. Western North American Naturalist. 77:51-62.


Wesner JS, Belk MC. Habitat relationships, indicator status, and preliminary stable isotope analysis of northern leatherside chub. Northern Leatherside Chub Conservation Team Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT. 2011 .

Wesner JS, Belk MC. Habitat factors affecting a potential biodiversity indicator species, northern leatherside chub (Lepidomeda copei). North American Benthological Society Annual Meeting. Providence, RI. 2011 .

Belk MC, Wesner JS. Characterization of mouth shape phenotype in the captive brood stock of June sucker, Chasmistes liorus. June Sucker Annual Assessment Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah. 2011 .

Wesner JS, Belk MC. Aquatic and terrestrial factors affecting a potential biodiversity indicator species, northern leatherside chub (Lepidomeda copei). Coordination Meeting – Utah Division of Wildlife Resources/Brigham Young University. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. 2011 .

Billman EJ, Wesner JS, Belk MC. Aquatic and terrestrial factors affecting northern leatherside chub (Lepidomeda copei) in the Bear River Drainage, WY and UT. Utah Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City Utah. 2011 .

Belk MC, Meyers PJ, Hassell E, Billman E. Effects of ontogeny, sex, and predation environment on the morphology of a livebearing fish. Evolution 2010. Portland, Oregon. 2010 .

Belk MC. Effects of brown trout on native stream fishes of the western U.S. Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 2010. Salt Lake City, Utah. 2010 .

Belk MC, Billman E, Meyers P. Reproductive allocation of western mosquitofish in Utah Lake: evidence for the residual reproductive value hypothesis. Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 2010. Salt Lake City, Utah. 2010 .

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