Neiger, Brad

Health Science

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D-380  ASB
Provo, UT 84602


Curriculum Vitae

 Courses Taught

Spring 2016
  • HLTH 688R: Field Experience Section 019
Winter 2015
  • HLTH 612: Program Planning & Evaluation Section 001
  • HLTH 696R: Independent Studies Section 003
Fall 2014
  • HLTH 439: Program Planning Section 001
Spring 2014
  • HLTH 688R: Field Experience Section 010

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Van Wagenen S, Magnusson BM, Neiger BL. 2015. Attitudes towards breastfeeding among an internet panel of U.S. males aged 21-44 years. Maternal Child Health Jounral.

Thackeray R, Neiger BL, Burton SH, Thackeray CR. 2013. An analysis of the purpose of state health departments' tweets: information sharing, engagement and action. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15.  doi:10.2196/jmir.3002

Neiger BL, Thackeray R, Burton SH, Thackeray CR, Reese JH. 2013. Use of Twitter among local health departments: An analysis of information sharing, engagement and action. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15(8).  doi:10/2196/jmir.2775

Thackeray R, Neiger BL, Smith AK, VanWagenen SB. 2012. Adoption and Use of Social Media among State Health Departments. BMC Public Health. 12:242.

Neiger BL, Thackeray R, VanWagenen SA, Hanson CL, West JH, Barnes MD, Fagen MC. 2012. Use of social media in health promotion: purposes, key performance indicators, and evaluation metrics. Health Promotion Practice. 13:159-164.

Thackeray R, Fulkerson K, Neiger BL. 2012. Defining the Product in Social Marketing: An Analysis of Published Research from 1999-2009. Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing. 24:83-100.

Hanson CL, West JH, Neiger BL, Thackeray R, Barnes MD. 2011. Use and acceptance of social media among health educators. American Journal of Health Education. 42(4):197-204.

Neiger BL, Thackeray R, Fagen MC. 2011. Basic Priority Rating Model 2.0: Current Applications for Priority Setting in Health Promotion Practice. Health Promotion Practice. 12(2):166-171.

West JH, Hall PC, Hanson CL, Thackeray R, Barnes MD, Neiger BL, McIntyre E. 2011. Breastfeeding and Blogging: Exploring the Utility of Blogs to Promote Breastfeeding. American Journal of Health Education. 42(2):106-115.


McKenzie JF, Neiger BL, Thackeray R. 2017. Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs: A primer. 7th ed. San Francisco CA: Pearson/Benjamin Cummings. 478 p.


Thackeray R, VanWagenen S, Smith AK, Neiger BL, Prier K. Diffusion and Use of Social Media among State Health Departments. National Conference on Health Communication, Media and Marketing. Atlanta, GA. 2011 .

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