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Health Science

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2048  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-3959

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Chantel Sloan joined the faculty in the BYU Department of Health Science after completing a postdoctoral program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She received her Doctorate from Dartmouth College, and her bachelor's degree from BYU-Hawaii. Dr. Sloan has researched a variety of topics in respiratory health, genetics and applications in Medical Geography.
 Teaching Interests
Dr. Sloan is currently teaching HLTH 311: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control and Hlth 482:Medical Geography.
 Research Interests
Respiratory Syncytial Virus induced bronchiolitis is a major cause of infant hospitalizations in the United States. Dr. Sloan studies the epidemiology of RSV using different health administration databases. She is also interested in the impact of air pollution on respiratory health and susceptibility to viral infections.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Genetics, Dartmouth College, 2009

Academic - Post-Secondary
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2010-2013
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, SUNY Stony Brook, 2010-2010

  • American Thoracic Society, 2010-Present
  • Association of American Geographers, 2009-Present
 Courses Taught

Fall 2017
  • HLTH 311: Infectious Diseases Section 001, 002
  • HLTH 482: Medical Geography Section 001
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 015
Spring 2017
  • HLTH 311: Infectious Diseases Section 001
Winter 2017
  • HLTH 311: Infectious Diseases Section 001, 002
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 019
Fall 2016
  • HLTH 311: Infectious Diseases Section 002
  • HLTH 403R: Special Topics Section 003
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 015
  • HLTH 691R: Mentored Research Section 010

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Chaney RA, Sloan CD, Cooper VC, Robinson DR, Hendrickson NR, McCord TA, Johnston JD. 2017. Personal exposure to fine particulate air pollution while commuting: An examination of six transport modes on an urban arterial roadway. PLoS ONE. 12(11: e0188053). <website> doi:

Lindsay GB, Merrill RM, Thackeray R, Sloan CD. 2016. Assessing Whether Americans are Aware of the Nation’s Declining Health Ranking. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. 6(6).  doi:10.4172/2161-0711.1000488

Sloan CD, Gebretsadik T, Wu P, Carroll K, Mitchel E, Hartert T. 2013. Spatiotemporal Clusters of Infant Bronchiolitis in a Tennessee Medicaid Population. Spatial and Spatiotemporal Epidemiology. Spatial and Spatiotemporal Epidemiology. 6:17-23.

Sloan CD, Gebretsadik T, Wu P, Mitchel EF, Hartert TV. 2013. Reactive versus Proactive Patterns of Inhaled Corticosteroid Use. Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 10(2):131-134.

Sloan CD, Jacquez GM, Gallagher CM, Ward MH, Raaschou-Nielsen O, Nordsborg RB, Meliker JR. 2012. Performance of cancer cluster Q-statistics for case-control residential histories. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology. 3(4):297-310.

Sloan CD, Andrew AS, Gruber JF, Mwenda KM, Moore JH, Onega T, Karagas MR, Duell EJ, Shi X. 2012. Indoor and outdoor air pollution and lung cancer in New Hampshire and Vermont. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry. 94(3):605-615.


Frutos A, Sloan CD, Merrill RM. Modeling the effects of atmospheric pressure on suicide rates in the USA through geographically weighted regression. American Public Health Association Conference. Atlanta. 2017 .

Hendrickson NR, Cooper VC, Sloan CD, Chaney RA, Johnston JD. Personal exposure to fine particulate air pollution (PM2.5) while commuting: An examination of six transport modes on an urban arterial roadway. American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo. Seattle, WA. 2017 .

Sloan CD, Pugh S, Hartman B, Evans A, Lee R, Hartert T, Berrett C, Heaton MJ. Estimating Onset, Duration and Termination of Seasonal Bronchiolitis Epidemics. RSV International Symposium. Patagonia, Argentina. 2016 .

Wu P, Escobar G, Gebretsadik T, Carroll K, Li S, Walsh E, Mitchel E, Sloan CD, Dupont W, Yu C, et al. Bronchiolitis Hospitalization among High-risk Infants. American Thoracic Society. 2016 .

Harding MC, Sloan CD, Merrill RM, Harding TM, Thacker BJ, Thacker EL. Transition from cardiovascular disease to cancer as the leading cause of death in the United States, 1999-2013. AHA Epidemiology and Prevention Conference. Phoenix, AZ. 2016 .

Sloan CD, Bradshaw R, Philip T, Barber B, Walker V, Graul R, Tuttle C, Johnston J. GPS-enable real-time concentration and composition of PM2.5 in an infant population. Geomed. Florence, Italy. 2015 .

Sloan CD, Gebretsadik T, Carroll K, Escobar G, Wu P, Xu Li S, Walsh E, Mitchel E, Dupont W, Hartert T. Comparison of Methods for Adjustment of Confounding by Indication in Assessing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Immunoprophylaxis Impact on Childhood Asthma. Joint Statistical Meeting. Seattle, WA. 2015 .

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