Bruening, Dustin

Exercise Sciences

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120F  RB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-1420

Assistant Professor

 Research Interests
Foot and Ankle Mechanics
Healthy and Pathological Gait
Sports Biomechanics
Biomechanics Methods
  • Ph.D., Biomechanics and Movement Science, University of Delaware, 2009
  • M.S., Biomechanics, University of Delaware, 2006
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, 2000
 Courses Taught

Fall 2017
  • EXSC 362: Kinesiology & Biomechanics Section 001
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 009
  • EXSC 664: Biomechanical Modeling Section 001
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 006
Winter 2017
  • EXSC 362: Kinesiology & Biomechanics Section 001
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 003
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 001
Fall 2016
  • EXSC 362: Kinesiology & Biomechanics Section 006
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 001
  • EXSC 797R: Individual Research & Study Section 002
Spring 2016
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 004

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Takahashi KZ, Worster K, Bruening DA. 2017. Energy neutral: the human foot and ankle subsections combine to produce near zero net mechanical work during walking. Scientific Reports. 7(1):15404. <website>

Bruening DA, Cooney TE, Ray MS, Daut GA, Cooney KM, Galey SM. 2016. Multi-Segment Foot Kinematic and Kinetic Compensations in Level and Uphill Walking Following Tibiotalar Arthrodesis. Foot and Ankle International. 37(10):1119-1129. <website>

Barone R, Bruening DA, Goodyear C, Bowden D. 2016. Predictive Ability of Anthropomorphic Metrics in Determining Age and Sex of Children. IET Biometrics. 5(3):181-189. <website>

Schmitz A, Buczek FL, Bruening DA, Rainbow MJ, Cooney KM, Thelen D. 2016. Comparison of hierarchical and six degrees-of-freedom marker sets in analyzing gait kinematics. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 19(2):199-207. <website>

Bruening DA, Goodyear CD, Bowden DR, Barone RE. 2015. Gender Recognition from Biologically Guided Anthropometric Features. International Journal of Biometrics. 7(4):354-372. <website>

Frimenko R, Goodyear C, Bruening DA. 2015. Interactions of sex and aging on spatiotemporal metrics in non-pathological gait: a descriptive meta-analysis. Physiotherapy. 101(3):266-272. <website>

Flora JB, Lochtefeld DF, Bruening DA, Iftekharuddin KM. 2015. Improved gender classification using nonpathological gait kinematics in full-motion video. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. 45(3):304-314. <website>

Bruening DA, Frimenko RR, Goodyear CD, Fullenkamp AM. 2015. Sex differences in whole body kinematics at preferred speeds. Gait & Posture. 41(2):540-545. <website>

Jacobson B, Cendoma M, Gdovin J, Cooney K, Bruening DA. 2014. Cervical spine motion during football equipment removal protocols: a challenge to the all-or-nothing endeavor. Journal of Athletic Training. 49(1):42-48. <website>

Bruening DA, Ridge SE. 2014. Comparison of automated event detection algorithms in pathological gait. Gait & Posture. 39(1):472-477. <website>

Bruening DA, Cooney KM, Buczek FL. 2012. Analysis of a kinetic multi-segment foot model part I: model repeatability and kinematic validity. Gait & Posture. 35(4):529-534. <website>

Bruening DA, Cooney KM, Buczek FL. 2012. Analysis of a kinetic multi-segment foot model part II: kinetics and clinical implications. Gait & Posture. 35(4):535–540. <website>

Bruening DA, Cooney KM, Buczek FL, Richards JG. 2010. Measured and estimated ground reaction forces for multi-segment foot models. Journal of Biomechanics. 43(16):3222–3226. <website>

Bruening DA, Crewe AN, Buczek FL. 2008. A simple, anatomically based correction to the conventional ankle joint center. Clinical Biomechanics. 23(10):1299–1302. <website>

Bruening DA, Richards JG. 2006. The effects of articulated figure skates on jump landing forces. Journal of Applied Biomechanics. 22(4):285-295. <website>

Bruening DA, Richards JG. 2005. Optimal ankle axis position for articulated boots. Sports Biomechanics. 4(2):215–225. <website>


Bruening DA, Pohl M, Takahashi K, Barrios J. Running Strike Pattern, Midtarsal Locking, and the Windlass Mechanism. American Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting. Boulder, CO. 2017 .

Bruening DA, Olsen M, Johnson AW, Ridge SE. The Role of the Midtarsal Joint in Drop Landings. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. 2017 .

Bruening DA, Takahashi K. Partitioning Ground Reaction Forces for Multi-Segment Foot Kinetics. Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City. 2017 .

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