Stephens, Darin

Life Sciences IT

Email: 4hevmrcwxitlirwDf}y2ihy  (Email Form)


5102  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-1721


Living in Palmyra, Utah on 6 acres of land, with 5 boys has always been a dream.  We raise horses, cows, and dogs.  My family loves to camp, horseback ride, shoot guns, and enjoy the outdoors as a family.  Our favorite place to camp is Kings Creek Campground by Bryce Canyon.  We just enjoy being with each other….

I have worked at BYU since 1998 with Student Auxiliary Services, Student Life, OIT, and now The College of Life Science. I enjoy working with students, faculty and staff employees that work here at BYU.

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