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Curriculum Vitae

David O. Draper, EdD, ATC, FNATA, is a professor of athletic training in the department of Exercise Sciences at BYU. He was the head Athletic Trainer at Illinois Wesleyan University prior to his appointment at BYU in 1992. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Utah State, master’s at BYU and his doctorate at Northern Illinois University. He teaches Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) courses at the bachelor’s through doctoral levels with emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

An avid researcher, Draper has 114 publications in scholarly journals. Eight of his publications have received national awards. He has delivered over 300 professional presentations (including seminars in China, Japan, Korea, Scotland and Brazil) and has received over $800,000 in external grants. Draper is the co-author of the textbook, “Therapeutic Modalities: The Art and The Science” which is in its 2nd edition. This is the top-selling textbook on therapeutic modalities in Draper’s field. He also has written 10 chapters in textbooks.

Draper’s awards include the 2014 NATA Hall of Fame, the 2014 RMATA Hall of Fame, the 2001 William G Clancy, MD Medal of Honor for Research. This is given to the top researcher of the NATA (National Athletic Trainer’s Association) each year (out of over 30,000 members). Draper was the 5th person ever to receive this honor. He was the inaugural recipient of the national Research to Reality award in 2001 and The College of Health and Human Performance Faculty Research Award in 1996. In June of 2009, Draper was awarded the Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, and was pronounced as a Fellow of the NATA. In 2007 he was given the title of Honorary Research Professor by the Koriyama Institute of Health Sciences (Fukushima Japan). He was voted as the Educator of the Year in 2002 by the Utah Athletic Trainer’s Association. As a student, Draper earned the Eddie Wojecki Award for receiving the highest score in the nation of the NATA certification exam.
 Teaching Interests
Therapeutic modalities
Diagnosis, immediate treatment and rehabilitation of injuries
Positional Release Therapy
Joint mobilization in restoring ROM
 Research Interests
Therapeutic modalities
 Courses Taught

Spring 2017
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 005
Winter 2017
  • EXSC 320: Basic Athletic Training Section 002, 005
  • EXSC 415: Therapeutic Modalities Section 001
  • EXSC 496R: Athletic Training Internship Section 001
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 005
Fall 2016
  • EXSC 320: Basic Athletic Training Section 002
  • EXSC 415: Therapeutic Modalities Section 001
  • EXSC 625R: Electrotherapy, US, & Diathrmy Section 001
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 003
Spring 2016
  • EXSC 699R: Master's Thesis Section 003

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rigby JH, Mortensen B, Draper DO. 2015. Wireless Patch vs. Wired Iontophoresis for Treating Patellar Tendinopathy. Journal of Athletic Training. 50(11):1165-1173.

Draper DO. 2014. Facts and misfits in ultrasound therapy: steps to improve your treatment outcomes. European J of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. 50(2):209-216.

Rigby JH, Draper DO. 2014. A comparison of Biofreeze mixture to 100% ultrasound gel as a coulpling medium during therapeutic ultrasound. Athl Train Sports Health Care. 6(1):25-30.

Draper DO, Wells AM, Rigby JH. 2013. The Omnisound 3000C in the delta T mode is valid at producing predicted temperature increases. Athletic Training and Sports Hehalth Care. 5(2):76-80.

Hawkes AR, Draper DO, Johnson AW, Diede MT, Rigby JH. 2013. Heating Capacity of ReBound Shortwave Diathermy and Moist Hot Packs at Superficial Depths. Journal of Athletic Training. 48(4):471-476. <website> doi:10.4085/1062-6050-48.3.04

Draper DO. 2013. Successful short-term and long-term treatment of melisma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation using vitamin C with full-face iontophoresis mask and a mandelic/malic acid and skin care regimen. Journal of Drugs in Dermantology. 12(1):45-50.

Draper DO, Knight KL, Rigby J. 2012. High-volt pulsed current: Treatment of skin wounds and musculoskeletal injuries. International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 17(4):3 pages.

Draper DO, Coglianese M, Castel C. 2011. Absorption of iontophoresis-driven 2% lidocaine with epinephrine in the tissues at 5 mm below the surface of the skin. Journal of Athletic Training. 46(3):277-281.

Seeley MK, Hunter I, Bateman TD, Roggia AM, Larson BJ, Draper DO. 2011. A kinematic comparison of spring-loaded and traditional crutches. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 20:198-206.

Draper DO. 2011. Pulsed shortwave diathermy is an effective modality for deep heat. Advance for directors of rehabilitation. :2.

Johnson AW, Myrer JW, Hunter I, Feland JB, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Eggett DL. 2010. Whole-body vibration compared to traditional physical therapy in individuals with total knee arthroplasty. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 26(4):215-225.

MIller K, Mack GW, Knight KL, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Fields PJ, Hunter I. 2010. Three percent hypohydration does not affect the threshold frequency of electrically-induced cramps. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 42:2056-2063.

Miller K, Mack GW, Knight KL, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Fields P, Hunter I. 2009. Reflex inhibition of electrically-induced muscle cramps in hypohydrated humans. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2009 Dec 4. [Epub ahead of print]. <website>


Johnson AW, Myrer JW, Hunter I, Feland JB, Hopkins JT, Draper DO, Eggett DL. 2008. Whole-body vibration compared to traditional physical therapy in individuals with total knee arthroplasty. Physical Therapy PT 2008: The Annual Conference and Exposition of the APTA, June 11-14, 2008 (PO-RR-70-TH), Physical Therapy (www.ptjournal.org/misc/annualcon.dtl). <website>


Draper DO, Knight KL. 2013. Therapeutic Modalities: The Art and Science, 2nd ed. edition 2nd ed. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Wialliams & Wilkins. 472 p. <website>


Draper DO. Enhancing treatment outcomes with therapeutic modalities. Enhancing treatment outcomes with therapeutic modalities. Long Island, NY. 2012 .

Draper DO. The use of diathermy in patient care. International Symposium on Therapeutic Modalities. Sao Palo, Brazil. 2012 .

Gage M, Hopkins JT, Seeley MK, Draper DO, Hunter I, Feland JB, Myrer JW, Sudweeks RR. The effect of an eight-week abdominal training program on muscle activation in healthy and chronic ankle instability subjects. NATA National Meeting. St. Louis, MO. 2012 .

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