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Health Science

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Provo, UT 84602
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Curriculum Vitae

Previously taught health at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. Was the risk reduction coordinator for the Utah Dept. of Health for four years and a health teacher in the pubic schools for three years. Served as chair of the Delaware County Board of Health in Muncie Indiana.

Married to Kathleen Lindsay . They are parents of five children. Avocations include canoeing, gardening, running and history.
 Teaching Interests
Substance abuse, community/public health methods, public health
 Research Interests
Alcohol and tobacco public poicy, marketing and political activities of alcohol and cigarette companies, health determinants, impact of health care spending on public health.
  • american public health association, 2008-2013
 Honors and Awards
  • Brigham Young University : BYU 2012 Maeser Teaching Award
 Courses Taught

Fall 2017
  • HLTH 460: Substance Abuse & Addict Beh Section 001, 002
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 002
  • HLTH 600: Foundations of PH and HP Section 001
Summer 2017
  • HLTH 688R: Field Experience Section 020
  • HLTH 696R: Independent Studies Section 002
Spring 2017
  • HLTH 460: Substance Abuse & Addict Beh Section 001
  • HLTH 688R: Field Experience Section 021
Winter 2017
  • HLTH 460: Substance Abuse & Addict Beh Section 001, 002
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 007

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lindsay GB, Merrill RM, Thackeray R, Sloan CD. 2016. Assessing Whether Americans are Aware of the Nation’s Declining Health Ranking. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. 6(6).  doi:10.4172/2161-0711.1000488

Merrill RM, Davis SS, Lindsay GB, Khomitch E. 2016. Explanations for 20th century tuberculosis decline: how the public gets it wrong. Journal of Tuberculosis Research. 4:111-121. <website>

Lindsay GB, Merrill RM, Hedin RJ. 2014. The Contribution of Public Health and Improve Social Conditions to Increased Life Expectancy: An Analysis of Public Awareness. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. 4(5):5. <website>

Ahlstrom M, Lundberg NR, Zabriske R, Eggert D, Lindsay GB, Lindsay GB. 2012. Me, My Spouce and My Avatar: The Relationship Bteween Marrital Satisfaction and Playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games. Journal of Leisure Research. 44(1).

Ahlstrom M, Lundberg NR, Zabriskie RB, Eggett DL, Lindsay GB. 2012. Me, my spouse, and my avatar: The relationship between marital satisfaction and playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG’s). Journal of Leisure Research. 44(1):1-22.

Page RM, Dennis M, Lindsay GB, Merrill RM. 2011. Psychosocial distress and substance use among adolescents in four countries: Philippines, China, Chile, and Namibia. Youth and Society. 43(3):900-930.

Wade B, Merrill RM, Lindsay GB. 2011. Cigarette pack warning labels in Russia: How graphic should they be?. European Journal of Public Health. 21(3):366-372.

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