West, Joshua

Health Science

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2139  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-3444

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

 Courses Taught

Summer 2017
  • HLTH 335: Health Behavior Change Section 001
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 007
Spring 2017
  • HLTH 335: Health Behavior Change Section 001
Winter 2017
  • HLTH 335: Health Behavior Change Section 001, 002, 003
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 015
Fall 2016
  • HLTH 335: Health Behavior Change Section 002, 004
  • HLTH 491R: Mentored Research Section 010
  • HLTH 608: Determ Hlth Beh Section 001

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lister C, Merrill RM, Vance D, West JH, Hall PC, Crookston BT. 2015. Victimization among Peruvian adolescents: Insights into mental/emotional health from the Young Lives Study. Journal of School Health.

Lister C, Merrill RM, Vance D, West JH, Hall PC, Crookston BT. 2014. Predictors of peer victimization among Peruvian adolescents in the Young Lives cohort. International Journal of Adolescent Health and Medicine. 27:85-91.

Lister C, Brutsch E, Johnson A, Boyer C, Hall PC, West JH. 2013. It gets better: A content analysis of health behavior thoery in anti-bullying YouTube videos. International Journal of Health. 1(2).

Burton SH, Tanner KW, Giraud-Carrier CG, West JH, Barnes MD. 2012. “Right Time, Right Place“ Health Communication on Twitter: Value and Accuracy of Location Information. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 14(6):e156.

Neiger BL, Thackeray R, VanWagenen SA, Hanson CL, West JH, Barnes MD, Fagen MC. 2012. Use of social media in health promotion: purposes, key performance indicators, and evaluation metrics. Health Promotion Practice. 13:159-164.

West JH, Hall PC, Hanson CL, Barnes MD, Giraud-Carrier CG, Barrett JS. 2012. There’s An App for That: Content Analysis of Paid Health & Fitness Apps. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 14(3):e72.

West JH, Hall PC, Prier K, Hanson CL, Giraud-Carrier CG, Tass ES, Barnes MD. 2012. Temporal Variability of Problem Drinking on Twitter. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2(1):43-48.

Hanson CL, Barrett J, West JH, Barnes MD. 2012. Protecting public health in a social media world: Policy responses to online threats. Internet Journal of Public Health. 2(1). <website>

Hanson CL, West JH, Neiger BL, Thackeray R, Barnes MD. 2011. Use and acceptance of social media among health educators. American Journal of Health Education. 42(4):197-204.

West JH, Thackeray R, Chambers CD, Kao KK, Dick LM, Jones KL. 2011. Correlates of Continued Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: Implications for Health Promotion. Californian Journal of Health Promotion. 9(1):56-61.

West JH, Hall PC, Hanson CL, Thackeray R, Barnes MD, Neiger BL, McIntyre E. 2011. Breastfeeding and Blogging: Exploring the Utility of Blogs to Promote Breastfeeding. American Journal of Health Education. 42(2):106-115.


Burton SH, Giraud-Carrier CG, Pant U, West JH, Hanson CL, Barnes MD. 2012. Public Health Community Mining in YouTube. Digital Health Communication Extravangaza. 1.


Hall PC, Cox A, West JH, Magnusson BM. Sexual health promotion messages in men's and women's health magazines. International Conference on the Health Risks of Youth. Nassau, Bahamas. 2014 .

Technical Report

Novilla ML, Barnes MD, Hanson CL, West JH, Edwards E, Hunter B, Lambrechtsen J, Davis B, Sypher J, Berrett J. 2011. How can we get the 'social determinants of health' message on the public policy and public health agenda?. Geneva: World Health Organization. <website>

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