Johnson, Leigh


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4058  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-5241


 Teaching Interests
Plant Biology, Plant Diversity, Plant Classification & Identification, Systematics
 Research Interests
Phylogenetic Inference, Species Delimitation, Taxonomy, Phylogeography, Conservation Genetics
  • PhD, Botany, Washington State University, 1996
  • BS, Botany, Brigham Young University, 1991
 Courses Taught

Winter 2017
  • BIO 230: Biological Diversity: Plants Section 001, 002
  • BIO 510: Biological Systemat Curation Section 001
Fall 2016
  • BIO 230: Biological Diversity: Plants Section 001, 002
  • BIO 430: Plant Classif. & Identif. Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 009
Winter 2016
  • BIO 230: Biological Diversity: Plants Section 001, 002
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 009
  • BIO 559R: Adv Topics Ecology & Evolution Section 004
Fall 2015
  • BIO 230: Biological Diversity: Plants Section 001, 002
  • BIO 430: Plant Classif. & Identif. Section 001

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Denham SS, Zavala-Gallo L, Johnson LA, Pozner RE. 2016. Insights into the phylogeny and evolutionary history of Calyceraceae. Taxon.

Johnson LA, Gowen D, Johnson RL, Brabazon H, Goates ED. 2016. Navarretia crystallina and N. miwukensis (Polemoniaceae): new species endemic to California with affinity for soils derived from pyroclastic deposits. Phytotaxa. 257(3):249-260.  doi:

Nicola MV, Sede SM, Pozner R, Johnson LA. 2014. Phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling of Nassauvia subgenus Strongyloma (Asteraceae): exploring phylogeographical scenarios in the Patagonian steppe. Ecology and Evolution. 4:4270–4286.  doi:10.1002/ece3.1268

Baranzelli MC, Johnson LA, Cosacov A, Sérsic AN. 2014. Historical and ecological divergence among populations of Monttea chilensis (Plantaginaceae), an endemic endangered shrub bordering the Atacama Desert, Chile. Evolutionary Ecology. 28:751–774.  doi:10.1007/s10682-014-9694-y

Johnson LA, Gowen D, Jensen AB. 2013. Cryptic speciation: distinguishing serpentine affiliated sister species Navarretia paradoxiclara and N. paradoxinota from N. intertexta (Polemoniaceae). Phytotaxa. 91:27–38. <website>

Cosacov A, Johnson LA, Paiaro V, Cocucci AA, Cordoba FE, Sersic AN. 2013. Precipitation rather than temperature influenced the phylogeography of the endemic shrub Anarthrophyllum desideratum in the Patagonian steppe. Journal of Biogeography. 40:168–182. <website>

Johnson LA, Chan LM, Pozner R, Glazier LD. 2012. Allotetraploids in Patagonia with affinities to western North American diploids: did dispersal or genome doubling occur first?. Botanical Review. 78:288–306.

Johnson LA, Chan LM, Burr K, Hendrickson D. 2012. Navarretia furnissii (Polemoniaceae), a new diploid species from the intermountain western United States distinguished from tetraploid Navarretia saximontana. Phytotaxa. 42:51–61. <website>

Pozner R, Zanotti C, Johnson LA. 2012. Evolutionary origin of the Asteraceae capitulum: insights from Calyceraceae. American Journal of Botany. 99(1):1-13.

Sersic AN, Cosacov A, Cocucci AA, Johnson LA, Pozner R, Avila LJ, Sites JW, Morando M. 2011. Emerging phylogeographic patterns of plants and terrestrial vertebrates from Patagonia. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 103(2):475-494. <website>

Johnson LA, Cairns-Heath H. 2010. Decrypting cryptic species: morphological and molecular evidence for recognizing Navarretia linearifolia as distinct from N. sinistra. (Polemoniaceae). Systematic Botany. 35(3):618-628. <website>

Cosacov A, Sersic AN, Sosa V, Johnson LA, Cocucci AA. 2010. Multiple periglacial refugia in the Patagonian steppe and post-glacial colonization of the Andes: the phylogeography of Calceolaria polyrhiza. Journal of Biogeography. 37:1463-1477. <website>

Johnson LA, Chan L, Weese TL, Busby LD, McMurry SL. 2008. Nuclear and cpDNA sequences combined provide strong inference of higher phylogenetic relationships in the phlox family (Polemoniaceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 48:997-1012.


Stevens MR, Harrison S, Ensign B, Robbins MD, Johnson RL, Johnson LA, Anderson CD, Ricks NJ, Farley KM. Breeding native flowers for drought tolerant urban landscapes: 2016 progress report. Annual WERA Meetings. Ames, Iowa. 2016 .

Ricks NJ, Stevens MR, Johnson RL, Johnson LA, Anderson CD, Robbins MD, Farley KM. The development and use of SSR markers for Penstemon scariosus, a species with horticultural potential. American Society for Horticultural Science Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia. 2016 .

Rodriguez-Pena RR, Wolfe AD, Robbins MD, Johnson RL, Johnson LA, Anderson CD, Ricks NJ, Farley KM, Stevens MR. Population genetics and geographic patterns among varieties of Penstemon scariosus. Botanical Society of America Annual Conference. Savannah, Georgia. 2016 .

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