Hansen, Marc

Physiology & Developmental Biology

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3067  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-4998

Associate Professor

 Teaching Interests
Outside of molecular and cell biology, I am interested in teaching BIO-innovation. How do technologies and ideas rooted in the life sciences become enterprises that create prosperity and jobs?
 Research Interests
How do individual cancer cell detach from the primary tumor and colonize metastatic disease? We study cellular signaling that drives the decision to undergo metastasis, the mechanics of how cells physically detach their cell-cell interaction, and the cell biology of how cells select routes of invasion. Our goals are to reconstruct signaling networks that drive events of cancer metaastasis and to develop small molecule inhibitors that disrupt this network for use as future therapeutics. We combine traditional cell biology approaches with systems biology and chemical genetics.

  • Visiting Researcher, Imperial College London, 2012-2013

  • American Association of Cancer Researchers, 2012-Present
  • American Society of Cell Biologists, 1998-Present
 Courses Taught

Spring 2016
  • PDBIO 494R: Undergraduate Research Section 008
  • PDBIO 495R: Adv Undgraduate Research Section 008
  • PDBIO 799R: Dissertation Section 005
Winter 2016
  • PDBIO 349R: PDBio Teaching Seminar Section 010
  • PDBIO 455R: PDBio Seminar Section 001
  • PDBIO 494R: Undergraduate Research Section 008
  • PDBIO 495R: Adv Undgraduate Research Section 008
  • PDBIO 550R: Advanced Topics Section 010, 011
  • PDBIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 008
  • PDBIO 799R: Dissertation Section 008
Fall 2015
  • PDBIO 120: Science of Biology Section 005, 006
  • PDBIO 349R: PDBio Teaching Seminar Section 008
  • PDBIO 455R: PDBio Seminar Section 001
  • PDBIO 494R: Undergraduate Research Section 010
  • PDBIO 495R: Adv Undgraduate Research Section 009
  • PDBIO 498: Advanced Senior Research Section 001
  • PDBIO 550R: Advanced Topics Section 010
  • PDBIO 649R: Laboratory Research Section 009
  • PDBIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 009
  • PDBIO 799R: Dissertation Section 007
Summer 2015
  • PDBIO 494R: Undergraduate Research Section 030
  • PDBIO 495R: Adv Undgraduate Research Section 030
  • PDBIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 027
  • PDBIO 799R: Dissertation Section 014

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hansen MD, Hoj J, Davis J, Fullmer K, Morrell D, Saguibo N. Cellular Contractility Changes are Sufficient to Drive Cellular Scattering. Experimental Cell Research. 2014 Apr;In press.

Barcellos K, Wagner M, Langford P, Call SG, Staley D, Chung J, Hansen MD. ARHGAP21: a new partner of α-tubulin involved in cell-cell adhesion formation and essential for Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2013 Jan:epub.

Jake G, Moody J, Ascione M, Hansen MD. Zyxin-VASP interactions alter actin regulatory activity in zyxin-VASP complexes. Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters. 2013 Jan:epub.

Hansen MD. Control of actin dynamics by allosteric regulation of actin binding proteins. International Review in Cellular and Molecular Biology. 2013 Jan.

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Langford PR, Hansen MD. Initiation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition by c-met receptor tyrosine kinase signaling. Current Topics in Biochemical Research. 2011 Oct;13:81-90.

Chung JY, Davis JA, Price B, Staley DM, Wagner MV, Warner SL, Bearss DJ, Hansen MD. Competitive enhancement of HGF-induced epithelial scattering by accessory growth factors. Experimnetal Cell Research. 2011 Feb;317:307-318.

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Sperry R, Bishop N, Bramwell J, Carter M, Fowler B, Maxfield S, Lewis Z, Staley D, Vellinga R, Brodeur M, et al. Actin-membrane linkages at adherens junctions of cell undergoing epithelial-mesenchyme transition. Journal of Cellular Physiology. 2010 Mar;222:612-624.