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Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. MICHAEL L. DUNN received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Food Science from Brigham Young University, and obtained his PhD in Food Science from Cornell University, with minors in Marketing and Microbiology. Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Dunn was employed by the International Food Network, Inc. (IFN), a technical consulting firm providing product development and other technical services for food and beverage companies across a broad spectrum of product categories. At IFN, Dr. Dunn worked as a Senior Food Scientist, before being promoted to Project Leader, Group Leader, and then Technical Director. He also served as Managing Director of International Food Network, Ltd., in Reading, England, providing technical services to food and beverage companies in the United Kingdom and Europe. Dr. Dunn joined the faculty of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at BYU in 2003, and currently serves as department chair. He teaches Food Product Development, Food Regulations and Quality Assurance, Essentials of Food Science Laboratory, and Food Lipids. Dr. Dunn’s research at BYU focuses on nutrient fortification, and stability of fortified and other foods.
 Teaching Interests
Food Product Development, Food Regulations and Quality Assurance, Essentials of Food Science Laboratory, and Food Lipids
 Research Interests
Micronutrient fortification and stability, folic acid content of foods, and long-term storage stability of staple foods and commodities
 Honors and Awards
  • March of Dimes Foundation : Agnes Higgins Award
 Courses Taught

Fall 2016
  • NDFS 251: Essentials of Food Sci Lab Section 001, 002, 003
  • NDFS 390R: Spec Topics in FSN Section 001
  • NDFS 462: Food Reg & Qual Assr Section 001
  • NDFS 631R: Selected Topics in FSN Section 003, 004
  • NDFS 697R: Research Section 002
Summer 2016
  • NDFS 697R: Research Section 001
  • NDFS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 001
Spring 2016
  • NDFS 250: Essentials of Food Science Section 001
  • NDFS 251: Essentials of Food Sci Lab Section 001
  • NDFS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 001
Winter 2016
  • NDFS 251: Essentials of Food Sci Lab Section 001, 002, 003, 004
  • NDFS 465: Food Product Development Section 001
  • NDFS 697R: Research Section 001
  • NDFS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 001

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Adolphson SJ, Dunn ML, Nielsen-Barrows S, Eggett DL, Steele FM. 2016. Evaluation of Bacterial Effects on Folic Acid Loss in Fortified, Nixtamalized Corn Masa. Cereal Chemistry. 93(5):508-512.

Dunn ML, Klein BP, Vijaya J. 2013. Stability of key micronutrients added to fortified maize flours and corn meal. Annals of New York Academy of Science.  doi:10.1111/nyas.12310

Kurzer AB, Dunn ML, Pike OA, Eggett DL, Jefferies LK. 2013. Antioxidant effects on retinyl palmitate stability and isomerization in nonfat dry milk during thermally accelerated storage. International Dairy Journal. 35(2):111-115.  doi:10.1016/j.idairyj.2013.11.001

Taylor RH, Dunn ML, Ogden LV, Jefferies LK, Eggett DL, Steele FM. 2013. Conditions associated with Clostridium sporogenes growth as a surrogate for Clostridium botulinum in non-thermally processed canned butter. Journal of Dairy Science. 96(5):2754-2764.

Horner TW, Dunn ML, Eggett DL, Ogden LV. 2011. beta-Galactosidase activity of commercial lactase samples in raw and pasteurized milk at refrigerated temperatures. Journal of Dairy Science. 94(7):3242-3249.

Rose DJ, Ogden LV, Dunn ML, Jamison RG, Lloyd MA, Pike OA. 2011. Quality and Sensory Characteristics of Hard Red Wheat after Residential Storage for up to 32 Years. Journal of Food Science. 76(1):S8-S13. <website>

Chapman JS, Steele FM, Eggett DL, Johnston NP, Dunn ML. 2010. Stability of Native Folate and Added Folic Acid in Micronutrient-Fortified Corn Masa and Tortillas. Cereal Chemistry. 87(5):434-438.

Fleige LE, Moore WR, Garlick PJ, Murphy SP, Turner EH, Dunn ML, van Lengerich B, Orthoefer FT, Schaefer SE. 2010. Recommendations for optimization of fortified and blended food aid products from the United States. Nutrition Reviews. 68(5):290-315.

Book Chapter

Dunn ML. 2013. Fortified Humanitarian Food-Aid Commodities. Preedy, V.R., editors. Handbook of Food Fortification and Health: From Concepts to Public Health Applications. 1st Editionth ed. New York, NY: Springer Science.


Dunn ML. Micronutrient Fortification of Fresh Masa. 5th International Congress of Nixtamalization. Monterrey, Mexico. 2013 .

Dunn ML, Jain V, Klein BP. Stability of key micronutrients in fortified maize flours and corn meal. WHO Consultation: Technical considerations for maize flour and corn meal fortification in public health. New York, NY. 2013 .

Dunn ML. Current U.S. Food Trends and Consumer Health. International Forum on Microbiome and Health. Shanghai China. 2013 .

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