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Exercise Sciences

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Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae

 Research Interests
Skeletal muscle is an enormous, fascinating, and spectacularly adaptive organ system, whose vitality has an enormous impact on human health and well-being. Though appreciated most widely for its role in human motor activity, skeletal muscle accounts for over 50% of whole body protein metabolism, 80% of glucose disposal, and is emerging as an exquisitely important endocrine organ. Importantly, epidemiological data have shown quite clearly that reduced skeletal muscle mass and function have widespread deleterious effects on human health including frailty, metabolic dysfunction and mortality. Accordingly, the overarching goal of my laboratory is to contribute in a meaningful way to the development of crucial and much-needed clinical interventions to maintain skeletal muscle vitality through the lifespan by studying the biologic mechanisms that underlie muscle adaptation to stress (e.g. disuse, damage, exercise and injury) in healthy, aged or clinical populations. To achieve this goal, we strive primarily to undertake studies in human skeletal muscle through innovative and novel approaches, supplementing, where appropriate, with mechanistic experiments in relevant animal and in vitro models. Of particular interest are: 1) The role of extracellular matrix remodeling in muscle repair and adaptation to exercise; 2) The effect of externally applied modalities (e.g., heat/cold stress, massage etc.) on muscle metabolic and regenerative function, and their potential as therapeutic interventions; and 3) How inflammation and inflammatory related intracellular signaling affects muscle adaptation and reparative outcomes following exercise and/or injury.

  • Ph.D., Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2011
  • M.S., Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2008
  • B.S., Exercise Science, University of Utah, 2003

  • Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University, 2012-Present
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, 2011-2012

  • National Athletic Trainers Association, 2002-Present
 Courses Taught

Winter 2017
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 010
  • EXSC 501: Sports Med Path & Pharm Section 001
  • EXSC 625R: Tissue Response to Injury Section 001
  • EXSC 799R: Doctoral Dissertation Section 003
  • STAC 110: Indoor Cycling Section 014
Fall 2016
  • EXSC 320: Basic Athletic Training Section 001
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 009
  • EXSC 501: Sports Med Path & Pharm Section 001
  • EXSC 797R: Individual Research & Study Section 005
  • EXSC 799R: Doctoral Dissertation Section 004
  • STAC 110: Indoor Cycling Section 015
Summer 2016
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 002
Spring 2016
  • EXSC 497R: Undergrad Research & Study Section 002
  • EXSC 797R: Individual Research & Study Section 001
  • EXSC 799R: Doctoral Dissertation Section 004

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hyldahl RD, Gier AM, Evans KC, Eggett DL, Nelson WB, Parcell AC, Deyhle MR. 2016. Skeletal Muscle Inflammation Following Repeated Bouts of Lengthening Contractions in Humans. Frontiers in Physiology. 12(6):424.

LaBarbera KE, Hyldahl RD, O'Fallon KS, Clarkson PM, Witkowski S. 2015. Pericyte NF-kB activation enhances endothelial cell proliferation and proangiogenic cytokine secretion in vitro. Physiol Rep. 3(4). <website> doi:10.14814/phy2.12309

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Chen D, Hyldahl RD, Hayward RC. 2015. Creased hydrogels as active platforms for mechanical deformation of cultured cells. Lab on a Chip. 15(4):1160-7.  doi:10.1039/c4lc01296h

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Hyldahl RD, Keadle J, Rouzier PA, Pearl D, Clarkson PM. 2010. Effects of Ibuprofen Topical Gel on Muscle Soreness. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 42(3):614-21.


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