Aanderud, Zachary

Plant & Wildlife Sciences

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4125  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-4220

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

 Research Interests
Microbial and Ecosystem Ecology—Much of my research links temporal fluctuations in resources to microbial community structure and ecosystem services. This overarching theme has inspired questions relating to the: 1) consequences of rainfall and snowfall change on bacterial community assembly and trace gas production; 2) impacts of disturbances and plant-soil-microbial interactions on C and N cycling in cold desert ecosystems; and 3) more recently, roles of bacterial functional traits in surviving and thriving in extreme environments (i.e., dry valleys of Antarctica and hypersaline lakes across the Western United States).
  • International Society of Microbial Ecology, 2010-Present
  • Soil Science Society of America, 2009-Present
  • Ecological Society of America, 2004-Present
 Courses Taught

Spring 2015
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 021
  • PWS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 017
Winter 2015
  • PWS 345: Air Quality & Pollution Section 001
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 020
  • PWS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 019
Fall 2014
  • PWS 150: Environmental Biology Section 001
  • PWS 365: Environmental Microbiology Section 001
  • PWS 366: Environmental Microbiology Lab Section 001
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 022
  • PWS 514: Soil Microbiology Section 001
  • PWS 699R: Master's Thesis Section 020
Winter 2014
  • IAS 201R: Cultural Survey Section 034
  • PWS 345: Air Quality & Pollution Section 001
  • PWS 494R: Mentored Learning Experience Section 022

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lennon JT, Aanderud ZT, Lehmkuhl BK, Schoolmaster DR. Mapping the niche space of soil microorganisms using taxonomy and traits. Ecology. 2012 Jul;93:1867-1879.

Aanderud ZT, Schoolmaster DR, Lennon JT. Plants mediate the sensitivity of soil respiration to rainfall variability. Ecosystems. 2011 Jan;13:673-682.

Aanderud ZT, Richards JH, Svejcar T, James JJ. Shift in seasonal precipitation reduces soil organic storage in a cold desert. Ecosystems. 2010 Jun;13:673-682.


Roundy BA, Bybee J, Young KR, Hulet A, Aanderud ZT, Cline N, Miller R, Tausch R, Chambers J. Vegetation restoration from piñon-juniper control treatments. Northwest & Great Basin Regional Conference. Redmond, Oregon. 2014 .

Roundy BA, Bybee J, Shakespear W, Young KR, Hulet A, Roundy D, Aanderud ZT, Rigby D, Campbell T. What happens when you shred pinyon and juniper trees?. Prescribed fire and fuels workshop. Bear River Refuge, Utah. 2014 .

Aanderud ZT, Rigby D, Roundy BA. Tree-islands of fertility and masticated debris decrease metabolic efficiency of soil microorgamisms in cold deserts. Society for Range Management 67th Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida. 2014 .

Aanderud ZT, Dunken S, James JJ. Root exudates stimulate rhizosphere microbial activity and promote N feedbacks fro exotic grass invasion. Soil Science Society of America Annual Conference. San Antonio TX. 2011 .

Aanderud ZT. Exploring novel weapons in microbial-plant-soil interactions. USA-China workshop on invasive species. Reno, NV. 2011 .

Aanderud ZT. Prying open the microbial black box. Invited lecture-BYU Microbial Great Group. BYU. 2010 .