Stock Room and Shop Policies

Equipment Loans
Supplies Sold
Anatomy Students


The resources of the Life Sciences Stockroom are used to assist the Faculty in the College with their instructional and research efforts.

Our services include:

1. Equipment loans to:
    Students enrolled in Life Sciences classes.
    Life Sciences Faculty, Faculty Assistants, TA’s, Grad Students.

2. Distributing Supplies to:
    Students enrolled in Life Sciences Classes.
    Life Sciences Faculty and their Assistants.

Equipment Loans:

The Equipment loaned by the Stockroom is for SHORT TERM use only.  The length of time a piece of equipment is loaned varies from one day to four months, depending on the availability of equipment and the comparative needs of the users.  IN ANY CASE, equipment is not loaned for periods longer than the end of the CURRENT semester.

The Stockroom is not responsible for supplying lab, classroom, or research equipment on a long term basis.  If lab, classroom, or research equipment is broken or has been misplaced, please do not rely on the stockroom to supply your labs, classrooms, or field trips for longer than two weeks.  If equipment is needed for long term use for research projects, (more than two weeks), then that equipment should be purchased out of research funds.  The Stockroom will not be responsible to supply equipment to labs, classes, or research projects, only to have it returned “worn out” or damaged beyond repair.  Stockroom equipment is primarily for Students enrolled in classes, not for research or lab work.  Special arrangements can only be made through the Stockroom Manager.

Late fees apply to Stockroom Equipment.  A late fee of $1.00 per item, per day is charged to students returning late equipment.  Students and Faculty are also charged for damaged or lost equipment.

Faculty members who have late equipment checked out will be reminded frequently.  Equipment that is more than four months late will be considered lost.  New equipment will be purchased and the replacement cost will be charged to the borrower’s faculty support account, or another account as requested.
No person may check out equipment in another person’s name.  Students and assistants who check out equipment under the direction of a faculty member are personally responsible for that equipment.  Also, do not depend on anyone else to return equipment for you.

Students and Faculty must return all items in CLEAN CONDITION.  Students are to understand that there are inherent risks of personal injury and property damage involved in the use of some items, and must freely assume those risks and agree to release BYU, its officers and agents from any claim they may have against BYU arising out of their use of borrowed items, even if caused by the negligence of BYU.

Laptops and Projectors
– one day unless other arrangements are made.  The stockroom laptops and projectors are for impromptu checkouts only.  They cannot be reserved for an entire semester.  If you need this equipment for a class every week, or several times a week throughout the semester, it should be scheduled through OIT services. (801-422-4000)

Click here to view all equipment loaned.

(However, these items may be purchased through the Stockroom.)

Supplies Sold:

Supplies are sold to Students enrolled in Life Sciences classes, Life Sciences Faculty, Faculty assistants, and TA’s.  BYU policy restricts selling of supplies for ON CAMPUS use only.  Students purchasing supplies can do so with money loaded on their BYU Signature Card (Cougar Cash).   Faculty, Assistants, or TA’s purchasing supplies can charge supplies to Class, Research, or other Faculty or Department Accounts.

Click here to view all supplies sold.

For Anatomy Students:

Hours of operation – Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Closed Tuesday from 10:45am to 12:15 pm for Devotional.

Latex Gloves - Ex-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Ex-Large.  
Nitrile Gloves - Ex-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Ex-Large.  
Single pairs of  Nitrile gloves - $0.20 per pair.
We can only accept BYU Cougar Cash for payment.  (No cash, No checks, No credit or debit cards).

 (All prices are subject to change without notice).

ANATOMY MODEL CHECKOUTS – You can reserve ahead!  3 hour maximum checkout during the day.   Overnight or weekend checkout if reserved ahead and picked up between 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  Return no later than 9:00 am the next morning.  Late fee of $5.00 per hour for every hour it is late!  You will be fined if you take it into the Anatomy Lab!  (We don’t want the “Essence of Anatomy” on our models).  We have Skulls, Cross Section of the Head, Vertebrae, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Pelvic Skeleton, Brains, Eyes, Ears, and Hearts.