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Teaching and Research


Teaching and learning in the college focuses on helping students think critically, apply sound reasoning to complex challenges and solve problems creatively. While current knowledge in the life sciences is examined in and out of the classroom, active learning through scientific discovery and applied experience is also designed to enhance student development. Faculty members strive to teach in a way that is respectful of students and scientific truths are taught within the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in supporting teaching within the College of Life Sciences, please contact us for more information.

Research - Grants on the Edge

The most authentic research mentoring occurs in labs where a full range of experience is available to the student. In most research labs, obtaining external funding is fundamental to the operation of the program. Our faculty must include a regular grant application component to their program in order to be successful. Students should be exposed to this aspect of research. Furthermore, when a lab has external funding it is more likely to provide the supplies and other consumables that are needed for the students’ research. Obtaining external funding is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive. Often the biggest weakness to an unfunded grant application is lack of sufficient preliminary data and proof of feasibility. Since unfunded proposals typically receive constructive comments from reviewers, it may be possible to turn the application into a successful one by specifically addressing these comments. We want to improve the funding success of our faculty by providing small grants (Grants on the Edge) to help faculty address these specific weaknesses when preparing a resubmission. With external funding in place, our faculty can give our students a richer mentoring experience. You can help by donating to our Grants on the Edge initiative.