Our Funding Priorities

College Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a discretionary fund, managed by the dean, which is applied to the highest funding priorities of the college. At any given time these could be study abroad programs, research mentorships, scholarships or design competitions. Giving to the Annual Fund assures your donation will be used where it is needed most.

Pre-Professional Development

The College of Life Sciences has several initiatives to prepare undergraduates for success in professional schools and trades.


Academic internships provide students with real-world experience. Internships also help students build networks, and potentially lead to full-time employment. Students usually receive credit for internship, but they are often unpaid. That fact plus the cost of travel to and from an internship can be a pricey impediment. We are seeking to expand domestic and international internship opportunities. Thank you for your consideration in helping students grow through experiential learning by supporting our Internship initiative.

Mentored Student Learning

Mentored learning is a BYU initiative that encourages significant hands-on research and creative scholarly opportunities for undergraduate students.
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Establish an Endowed Scholarship

You can establish an endowed scholarship with a donation of $50,000 (half-tuition) or $100,000 (full-tuition) made in payments over five years. For information on how to establish an endowed scholarship, please contact Jim Welsh using the button below.

Give to a Specific Department or Program

All of the departments and programs in the college have their own specific needs. You can donate to a specific department or program of your choice.
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