Name Number Email Organization
Adriana Dungan (Secretary) 253-442-4209 Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation
Anna Dunn 801-860-2122 Food Science
Bailee Guymon 916-521-6445 Physiology and Developmental Biology
Hannah Perry 385-243-0617 Food Science
Jasen Valenzuela 509-834-9476 Biology and American Red Cross
Josh Adams 480-658-9363 Medical Laboratory Science
Kwinn Sutton 801-473-1991 Environmental Science
Ky Raymond (Vice President) 801-369-7015 Exercise Science
Logan Nye (President) 440-563-8928 Exercise Science and BYU Blood Drives
Makani Fisher 385-224-1484 Biology and Entomology Club
Marc Matsumura 801-231-0277 Physiology and Developmental Biology
Matt Dungan 248-978-9786 Public Health: Epidemiology
Mikayla Laughlin 770-310-0309 Biology
Nick Crump 615-480-5432 Biophysics
Nolan J. Beatty 407-301-8946 Molecular Biology
Rachel Free 801-808-3928 Dietetics and the Student Dietetics Association
Reg Beales 801-647-6778 Public Health: Environmental/Occupational Health and Physical Therapy Club
Steven Sheridan 443-617-6011 Public Health: Epidemiology


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