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Rogers, Duke


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4143  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
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  • Visiting Scientist, Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, 2009-2010

  • Texas Society of Mammalogists, 1983-Present
  • American Society of Mammalogists, 1977-Present
 Honors and Awards
  • Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum : Outstanding Service Award, Curator of Mammals
  • Brigham Young University : John A. Widtsoe Fellowship
  • Brigham Young University : College Professorship, College of Biology and Agriculture
  • Brigham Young University : Outstanding Professor in Zoology
 Courses Taught

Fall 2014
  • BIO 420: Evolutionary Biology Section 001
  • BIO 447: Mammalogy Section 001, 002, 003
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 018
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 006
Summer 2014
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 014
Winter 2014
  • BIO 100: Principles of Biology Section 006
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 019
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 013
Fall 2013
  • BIO 420: Evolutionary Biology Section 001
  • BIO 447: Mammalogy Section 001, 002, 003
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 007
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 005
  • BIO 799R: Dissertation Section 006

Selected Publications
Journal Articles

Leite RN, Orestis-Kolokotronis S, Almeida FC, Werneck FP, Rogers DS, Weksler M. In the wake of invasion: Tracing the historical biogeography of the South American cricetid radiation (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae). PLOS ONE. 2014 Aug;9(9:e100687):282-292. <website>

Almendra AL, Gonzalez-Cozatl FX, Rogers DS. Molecular phylogenetics of the Handleyomys chapmani complex in Mesoamerica. Journal of Mammalogy. 2014 Feb;95(1):15.

Leite RN, Rogers DS. Revisiting Amazonian phylogeography: insights into diversification hypotheses and novel perspectives. Organisms Diversity and Evolution. 2013 Dec;13(4):639-664. <website>

Hardy DK, Gonzalez-Cozatl FX, Arellano E, Rogers DS. Molecular phylogenetics and phylogeographic structure of Sumichrast's harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys sumichrasti: Cricetidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 2013 Aug;68(2):282-292. <website>

Corley MS, Ordonez-Garza N, Rogers DS, Bradley RD. Molecular evidence for paraphyly in Nyctomys sumichrasti: Support for a new genus of Vesper mice?. Occasional Papers. 2011 Dec;2011(306):1-9. <website>

Rogers DS, Leite RN, Reed RJ. Molecular phylogenetics of an endangered species: the Tamaulipan woodrat (Neotoma angustapalata). Conservation Genetics. 2011 Apr;12(4):1035-1048. <website>

Rickart EA, Rowe RJ, Robson SL, Alexander LF, Rogers DS. Shrews of the Ruby Mountains, northeastern Nevada. Southwestern Naturalist. 2011 Mar;51(1):95-102. <website>

Rogers DS, Gonzalez MW. Phylogenetic relationships among spiny pocket mice (Heteromys). Journal of Mammalogy. 2010 Oct;91(4):914-930. <website>

Milazzo ML, Barragan-Gomez A, Hanson JD, Estrada-Franco JG, Arellano E, Gonzalez-Cozatl FX, Fernandez-Salas I, Rameriz-Aguilar F, Rogers DS, Bradley RD, et al. Antibodies to Tacaribe serocomplex viruses (family Arenaviridae, genus Arenavirus) in cricetid rodents from New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 2010 Jul;10(6):629-637. <website>

Coyner BS, Lee TE, Rogers DS, Van Den Bussche RA. Taxonomic status and species limits of Perognathus (Rodentia: Heteromyidae) in the southern Great Plains. The Southwestern Naturalist. 2010 Mar;55(1):1-10. <website>

Carroll DS, Mills JN, Montgomery JM, Bausch DG, Blair PJ, Burans JP, Felices V, Gianella A, Iihoshi N, Nichol ST, et al. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in central Bolivia: relationships between reservoir hosts, habitat, and viral genotypes. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 2005 Jan;72:54-58.

Book Chapters

Arellano E, Guerrero JA, Rogers DS. Variación morfométrica y alometría del crecimiento de Reithrodontomys mexicanus (Rodentia: Muridae) de Oaxaca, México. In: Fernando A. Cervantes, editor. Estudios sobre la Biología de Roedores Silvestres Mexicanos. Mexico City, Distrito Federal: Instituto de Biología, UNAM, y Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa; 2012. p. 35-45

Almendra AL, Rogers DS. Biogeography of Central American Terrestrial Mammals: Patterns and Processes. In: B. D. Patterson and L. P. Costa, editors. Bones, Clones and Biomes: The History and Geography of Recent Neotropical Mammals. Chicago, Illinois: University of Chicago Press; 2012. <website>

Gonzalez-Cozatl FX, Rogers DS, Arellano-Arenas E. Diversidad criptica en la NMA: descubriendo nuevas especies de roedores mexicanos. In: Fernando A. Cervantes, editor. 60 a?os de la Coleccion Nacional de Mamiferos del Instituto de Biologia, UNAM. Aportaciones al Conocimiento y Conservacion de los Mamiferos Mexicanos. Mexico: Universidad Autonoma de Mexico; 2009. p. 12


Rogers DS. Arenaviruses and their rodent hosts. Department of Integrative Biology, UC Denver. Denver, Colorado. 2011 Nov.

Rogers DS. Rodent-Borne Zoonoses: A Mammalogist's Perspective. Research Seminar. Galveston, Texas. 2010 Apr.

Rogers DS. Rodent-Borne Zoonoses: A Mammalogist's Perspective. Research Seminar. New Orleans, Louisiana. 2010 Mar.