The College of Life Sciences

Adair, Marta


Email: 1nbsub`bebjsAczv/fev  (Email Form)

2121  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-8336

Associate Professor

 Teaching Interests
I am interested in educational pedagogy and constructivism.
 Research Interests
I am interested in what the research teaches s about how people learn. I try to stay current about the strategies that make teachers most effective. I read journals from the Association for Science Teacher Education, The American Biology Teacher, Utah Science Teachers Association, and the National Association for Research in Science Teaching.
 Courses Taught

Spring 2014
  • EL ED 400R: Elementary Student Teaching Section 004
  • SC ED 476R: Secondary Student Teaching Section 001
Winter 2014
  • BIO 476: Biology Student Teaching Section 001
Fall 2013
  • BIO 276: Exploration of Tch in Biol Sci Section 001
  • BIO 377: Tchg Mthds & Instrctn in Biol Section 001
  • BIO 378: Practicum in Biology Teaching Section 001
  • BIO 379: Classroom Mgt & Lab Safety Section 001
  • SC ED 496R: Academic Internship--Biol Sci Section 007
Winter 2013
  • BIO 476: Biology Student Teaching Section 001

Selected Publications