Wilcox, Edward


Email: 9mwj|lIkĀ‚~7nm~  (Email Form)

Website: http://DNASC.byu.edu

4046A  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-3647

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Married to Ruth Wilcox with five children. Interests are in reading, music, sports, grandchildren and snorkeling.
 Teaching Interests
Happy to help in course work involving DNA sequencing.
 Research Interests
Keeping up to date with the many different DNA Sequencing instruments available at the DNA Sequencing Center
  • PhD, Biochemistry, University of California, Davis, 1982

  • Associate Research Professor, DNA Sequencing Center, 2005-Present

 Honors and Awards
  • College of Life Sciences : Distinguished Service Award
 Courses Taught

Spring 2014
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015
Winter 2012
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 023
Fall 2011
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 019
Spring 2011
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Herbert ZT, Kershner JP, Butty V, Thimmapuram J, Choudhari S, Aleskseyev YO, Fan J, Podnar JW, Wilcox E, Gipson J, et al. 2018. Cross-site comparison of ribosomal depletion kits for Illumina RNAseq library construction. BMC Genomics. 19(199). <website> doi:https://doi.org/10.1186/s12864-018-4585-1

Wilcox ER. 2014. Novel lip pit phenotypes and mutations of IRF6 in Van der Woude syndrome patients from Pakistan. Clinical Genetics. 85(5):487-91. <website> doi:10.1111/cge.12207.

Malika S, Kakar N, Hasnain S, Ahmad J, Wilcox ER, Naz S. 2010. Epidemiology of Van der Woude Syndrome from Mutational Analyses in Affected Patients from Pakistan. Clinical Genetics. 78(3):247-256. <website>

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