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Provo, UT 84602
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 Courses Taught

Fall 2018
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 001, 002, 003, 004, 005
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 012
Spring 2018
  • BIO 452: Marine Biology Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 001
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 016
Winter 2018
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 002, 003, 004
  • BIO 350: Ecology Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 009
Fall 2017
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 001, 002, 003, 004
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015
  • BIO 557: Stream & Wetland Ecology Section 001

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Fairbanks DO, McArthur JV, Young CM, Rader RB. 2018. Consumption of terrestrial organic matter in the rocky intertidal zone along the central Oregon Coast. Ecosphere. 9.  doi:e02138. 10.1002/ecs2.2138

Rader R, Unmack P, Moore J. 2017. Population genetics and dispersal of the flatworm, Polycelis coronata: a test of the habitat stability hypothesis. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. 32:14. <website> doi:10.1080/02705060.2016.1253624

Rader RB, Keleher MJ, Billman E, Larsen RT. 2012. History rather than contemporary processes determine variation in macroinvertebrate diversity in artesian springs: the expansion hypothesis. Freshwater Biology. 57:2475-2486.

Kreitzer JD, Billman EJ, Belk MC, Rader RB. 2011. Growth of young June sucker (Chasmistes liorus) is associated with zooplankton density in Utah Lake. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):499-506.

Belk MC, Rader RB, Mills MD. 2011. Lake suckers in the western U.S.A.: history, ecology, natural history, and bibliography of an endangered genus. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):437-441.

Rader RB, Belk MC, Hotchkiss RH, Brown J. 2010. The stream–lake ecotone: potential habitat for juvenile endangered June suckers (Chasmistes liorus). Western North American Naturalist. 70(4):553-561. <website>


Rader R, Rackliffe R. 2016. Effects of warm temperatures and aquatic macrophytes on oxygen dynamics in a shallow riparian pond.


Fairbanks D, Young C, McArthur J, Rader R. Consumption of Red Alder Leaves in the Rocky Intertidal Zone. Western Society of Naturalists, Annual Meeting. Sacramento. 2015 .

Rader RB. Estimates of Ecosytem Metabolism in a Shallow Wetland. Joint Meeting of Aquatic Sciences. Portland Oregon. 2014 .

Rader RB, Christensen WF. Factors Effecting Metacommunity Dynamics in Desert Springs. Joint Meeting of Aquatic Sciences. Portland Oregon. 2014 .

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