Rader, Russell


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4025  LSB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-9159


 Courses Taught

Spring 2018
  • BIO 452: Marine Biology Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 001
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 016
Winter 2018
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 002, 003, 004
  • BIO 350: Ecology Section 001
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 009
Fall 2017
  • BIO 220: Biological Diversity: Animals Section 001, 002, 003, 004
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 015
  • BIO 557: Stream & Wetland Ecology Section 001
Summer 2017
  • BIO 494R: Mentored Research Section 009
  • BIO 699R: Master's Thesis Section 13

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rader R, Unmack P, Moore J. 2016. Population genetics and dispersal of the flatworm, Polycelis coronata: a test of the habitat stability hypothesis. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. online:14. <website> doi:10.1080/02705060.2016.1253624

Rader RB, Keleher MJ, Billman E, Larsen RT. 2012. History rather than contemporary processes determine variation in macroinvertebrate diversity in artesian springs: the expansion hypothesis. Freshwater Biology. 57:2475-2486.

Kreitzer JD, Billman EJ, Belk MC, Rader RB. 2011. Growth of young June sucker (Chasmistes liorus) is associated with zooplankton density in Utah Lake. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):499-506.

Belk MC, Rader RB, Mills MD. 2011. Lake suckers in the western U.S.A.: history, ecology, natural history, and bibliography of an endangered genus. Western North American Naturalist. 71(4):437-441.

Rader RB, Belk MC, Hotchkiss RH, Brown J. 2010. The stream–lake ecotone: potential habitat for juvenile endangered June suckers (Chasmistes liorus). Western North American Naturalist. 70(4):553-561. <website>


Rader R, Rackliffe R. 2016. Effects of warm temperatures and aquatic macrophytes on oxygen dynamics in a shallow riparian pond.


Fairbanks D, Young C, McArthur J, Rader R. Consumption of Red Alder Leaves in the Rocky Intertidal Zone. Western Society of Naturalists, Annual Meeting. Sacramento. 2015 .

Rader RB. Estimates of Ecosytem Metabolism in a Shallow Wetland. Joint Meeting of Aquatic Sciences. Portland Oregon. 2014 .

Rader RB, Christensen WF. Factors Effecting Metacommunity Dynamics in Desert Springs. Joint Meeting of Aquatic Sciences. Portland Oregon. 2014 .

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