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Life After Graduation

Prepare Now for Life After Graduation

Pre-Professional Advisement
located in 3328 of the Wilkinson Center (WSC)
University Career Services (UCS)
located in 2590 of the Wilkinson Center (WSC)
part of UCS

Student Development Courses:

STDEV 117 - Life Planning and Decision Making
STDEV 140 - Introduction to Health Professions
STDEV 214R - Special Topics in Student Development
STDEV 271 - Preview of Dentistry
STDEV 272 - Preview Medicine
STDEV 273 - Preview Optometry
STDEV 274 - Preview of Physician Assistant
STDEV 317 - Career Strategies for Employment and Internships
STDEV 318 - Graduate School Preparation
STDEV 375 - Dental School Preparation Laboratory Experience
STDEV 470 - Medical and Dental School Application