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Cindy Tolman


Cindy grew up in a military family and has lived in multiple locations, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, California, Oregon, Utah … and Japan! She has two married daughters—one completing her Ph.D. in Science, Technology, and Medicine and the other working with her husband in a successful real estate business in British Columbia.

Cindy graduated from BYU with Honors and a BA in Employee Training & Development and a Master’s of Public Administration and has worked in accounting, government, law, and education.

Cindy’s been to France and Italy and would love to take a Disney cruise to Alaska and tour Butchart Gardens in Canada. She loves laughing, learning, taking road trips, solving puzzles, going on walk-and-talks with family and friends, all things BYU football, snuggling her twin Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, watching detective shows, and—most of all—getting to know BYU students one-on-one and supporting them in their goals, explorations, hopes, and dreams. In the Life Sciences Advisement office, Cindy gets to combine her nurturing spirit, love of the Gospel, and commitment to education in helping her students.

She currently advises for Exercise Science (A-M).