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Pre-Professional Development

While there are no specific pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-allied health (Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Podiatry, etc.) B.S. degrees at BYU, many students with these interests choose majors in the College of Life Sciences. We want to help these students be successful in the pursuit of their professions.


Mentored Research


Mentored research is becoming a consideration for admission at more and more professional schools. Even if not required, a student with research experience is usually viewed positively by admissions committees of professional schools. You can help with undergraduate pre-professional development by donating to our Mentored Student Learning initiative. Your donation will support both student wages and laboratory supplies and other consumables.




Students who want to be competitive for admission to a professional school need to have significant experience shadowing professionals in their fields of choice. Often, interactions with a professional for a shadowing opportunity depend on prior connections through family members and friends. Not all of our students have these connections and we hope to help create networks of professionals willing to mentor a few of our pre-professional students each year. If you are a healthcare professional and want to help our students by providing shadowing opportunities during your normal workday please email Kathleen Clawson at