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Engaging Independent Contractors

When engaging independent contractors, University personnel should not commit to the prospective independent contractor before necessary review and approval through Human Resources. In addition to reviewing these guidelines, you should review the following Independent Contractor information.

To request approval, begin by submitting the Independent Contractor Questions and Documentation information sheet to in HR.

Most independent contractor payments should be made through Fast Track. For a summary of applicable categories and required support, please review this summary of independent contractor Fast Track categories.

For certain categories, you will need to complete a signed Form W-9 with the contractor’s Employee Identification Number , and the Independent Contractor Agreement, and a printed invoice from the contractor.

Current and recent University employees cannot usually be paid as independent contractors. In some situations, employees may be approved as employee-vendors.

If the employee wants to apply to be considered as an approved employee-vendor, they need to follow the procedures found on HR’s website.



For additional questions, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions, HR, or the Tax Office.

For additional information, you can also review the following:

IRS Publication 1779 – Independent Contractor or Employee


BYU Tax Office