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Adding Events to Homepage

Putting calendar events onto the homepage

Adding events to the homepage makes creates an easy and simple way to show the most upcoming events. To learn how to create an event, click here.

Step 1:

Under the content section of the homepage, select add new.

Step 2:

Select the list feature and scroll down on the right until you see "List Events".

Step 3:

Under the items section, select dynamic.

Step 4:

Select the tag that you have given your other events and make sure it is all the same.

Step 5:

Under the "Event Timeframe" select future to make sure only events from now to the future will appear.

Step 6:

Under "Sort" select the chronological option to make sure the events are in order of what is coming up first to last.

Step 7:

Check if everything is right. Events should appear like this on the homepage.