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Adding Navigation to pages

Navigation only needs to be changed when you add specific sections that are separate from the main homepage site.
If pages are added to sections they will inherit the navigation of the section. If the navigation is not changed in a section then the navigation is inherited from the site.

Click here to see how to create a navigation. Adding your navigation to a page is simple but what page you are looking to add it to changes a few of the steps. Navigation can be added to pages, sections, and full sites.

Page/Section navigation

If you have not specified a navigation for the page or section

For pages and sections these steps are the same.

Page nav from section

If your page should have the same nav as the section simply add the page to the section
Choose main

Scroll down to section

Click here and search for the section you are adding this to

Full Site Navigation

This navigation option is only available to site admins.

Click the three bars in the top left corner

If you do not see "Admin" you need to use the Page Navigation steps because you are not an admin.

Navigate to Sites & Settings

You have to make sure that you are editing the correct site. Click the site you are looking to add the navigation to on the left. For many there will only be one site in this section.

Once you select a site you need to make sure you click "page defaults

Scroll down to "Navigation"

This is found below "Navigation Title"

Click on "Inherit"
Change this to "Select"
In the box under "Select" you can type the first letter of what you

Add the navigation you created to this field