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Button Functions

What buttons do

It is important to know how to use buttons featured in the brightspot editing page.


Click here to get a preview of the updated changes to the page


Schedule a time for the page to go live here.


Click here or on the name of content to expand the content type.


Click here to change the content type. EX: swap a list for rich text


Delete content here
Content will not delete until you publish the revisions.


If you remove content you can add it back here
Click here to add new content
What is content?


Change the order of content by dragging this icon above or below surrounding content


Change or update a link and button styles here.

Remove links

Disable hyperlinks here.

Down arrow

This is essentially a quick search to change a tag out.


This feature is used to search the site for what content you are swapping out and can search through other sites you have access to.