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Form submissions email formatting

Format your form submissions email.

In order to gather information from a form you will need to first create a form. See how to create a form here. Once you have a form you will need to code some information in order to organize the data that you receive.

Open or create a form

Once you have all complete fields of your form...

Navigate to the "action" section

Make sure to put valid emails in the form
Sender(from email) is usually sent as
To email is going to be who gets the email

Subject is the subject of the email.

In order to format your form into an email you will need to use a bit of code to make a table that organizes the information.

Navigate to the "body"

The best format method is using a table. You are going to see an example of what I am talking about and so you will better understand how to format you will need to know what everything means.


This will be at the beginning and end of your code and it indicates your table that will hold each field of your form and the answers provided.

Each Field and the response will be kept in a table row or <tr>

You are going to have to separate the Name of the field and the resonse within <tr> by using a Table Data cell or

Each form field is listed like this

Every part that is in (parenthesis) is what you will need.

here is how to name the data field you pull

<td> Name </td> (Note: this can be whatever you need it too)

This is how you are going list the data in the field

<td> $ (full-name) </td>

Once you add this it will look something like this
<td> Name </td>
<td> $(full-name) </td>

it looks like this—>

Name: ${full-name}

you will keep using this method to add table rows affiliated with all form fields

Name: ${full-name}
NetID: ${netid}
Email: ${email}
Department: ${department}
File: ${photo-upload}
Location of the Photo: ${location-of-the-photo}
Short Description: ${short-description}

If you get stuck or can't find something in your code call us as

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