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Create contact forms, request forms, and contests submissions.

Forms are helpful to organize submissions and request forms.
Ex: Photo Contest Form

There are various forms that you can choose from in Brightspot

Contact forms and Event forms are pre made Custom forms.
You will be able to use custom forms to build any form you need. Using Contact and event forms give you a small push ahead.

*For this article I have chosen to use a Custom full width Form

Once you have your Form selected you will navigate to the Items "+" icon

Clicking this icon shows 5 different options to choose from.
In order for you to know what you are needing and adding to your form I will walk you through what each option does.

Captcha Field: This field is to prevent robots and unwanted submissions

Choice fields are very customizable.

Choose from Checkboxes, Dropdown, and Radio buttons. (see examples below)

You will need to add choices with the "+" button.

Checkboxes (example)

Radio Buttons (example)

Field Upload Field
For this field you will need to select which file types will be allowed to be uploaded.

Group Field is very helpful because it acts as a form inside of a form.
This feature is used for forms with multiple sections.

Text fields are pretty straight forward and have a couple options
The most common are the "Long Text" and "Short Text" features. This determines the size of the text box display.
Long text would be for a sentence or paragraph
Short text would be for their name

Lastly you will need to add an action so the submit button actually does something.
It is always good to select "Data Collection Action" because this will save all submissions in brightspot and can be accessed.

Then select email action to send emails you you. This feature is a bit complex but a walk through can be found here.