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LS Brightspot: Content types

What is Content?

Content is everything on your site or page. Content can often be mashed together and linked to one another, however it is important to know what each content item does and how you can use them.

More info on content

Content can be placed in 4 locations on a page

  • Lead (top of the page)
  • Content tab (middle of the page)
  • Aside (left or right side)
  • Below (under middle content tab)

What content you can use will vary depending on the area you are putting the content.

Here are the main content types:

Rich Text List Tags Promo Form

Videos & Images

Note: within each content type there are various templates. Sometimes you need to play around with the templates and styles to see what suites your needs.

Creating New Content - Quick Tutorial
Creating new content in Brightspot - Life Sciences

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