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We are here to help you with your Brightspot related issues.
Here is our knowledge base of helpful tips and tricks of the trade.


LSKB Brightspot: Adding a tag from another site

Tags pulled from other sites should be for news feeds and promos. These lists and promos are found on home pages. See images for walk through.

LSKB BRIGHTSPOT – EDITING: Searching for items in Brightspot


Brightspot sites are created through complex itemization – multiple content types all come together to make the sections, pages, and articles you use and add . Each page likely has navigations, images, galleries, videos, tags, and other content modules that help it function. Sorting through the page and items you need can be overwhelming at times. Here is a helpful walkthrough for using the search function in Brightspot.

LSKB Brightspot: editing Links (Lead Promo and Rich Text)

This article will walk you through how to add and change links in Promos and rich text features.

Note: Promos are generally used in the Lead (top of the page) and rich text is for articles or any text that needs to be put in. Rich text can have images, text, and links.

LSKB BRIGHTSPOT – EDITING: Creating a Link in Rich Text


If you want to link a page within Brightspot or to an external page there is a quick and easy way to do that within your text or table in a rich text content module.

LSKB BRIGHTSPOT – EDITING: Editing tables in Rich Text


Tables are useful tools available through the Rich Text content on a page; they allow more diversity in the way you can portray complex arrays of information.



Dynamic lists are Live lists that will update automatically and auto fill new content is updated in Brightspot. The Power of Dynamic lists is derived from Tags – when you tag an item, you link it to a group that a dynamic list can find for you and organize how you like. Especially for long lists, or lists that need to be kept relevant, this can save you literal hours of work.

LSKB BRIGHTSPOT - EDITING: Adding a Tag to an employee card


A tag can be used to group things together and if employees share tags they can be placed in a dynamic list and they will auto update into the list, as long as the tag is added.

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