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RingCentral Knowledge Base

Have a Question about RingCentral? Check here First!

* this page is a work in progress as we learn more - check back often for updates!

RingCentral is an online phone system that can be downloaded on all devices (computers, laptops, ipads, mobile devices). Your RingCentral is associated with your old office number. Sign in using your and select the single sign on option.
Download the app:
Log in and use your browser:

More information and Trainings on using the Software:

BYU Campus Phone System Transition
- Includes links to download the application on your device
- Migration schedule
- Comprehensive user training by BYU Office of Information Technology

Basic RingCentral Training (14 min)
Advanced RingCentral Training (18 min)

Life Sciences RingCentral Knowledge Base

Helpful tricks we've picked up for our college -

RingCentral Emergency Address

How to update your emergency address in RingCentral for emergency calls

RingCentral - Using the Mobile App on your phone

Downloading, display, and how to change your profile picture

RingCentral Migration from Cisco IP Phones

Information regarding the use of RingCentral

Trouble Logging in even after using your NetID and Single-sign-on option?

Let's make sure your added - Call OIT at 801-422-4000, and they will make sure migration is all taken care of and your NetID is added.

Trouble using the app or connecting a speaker/microphone?

Contact our LSIT office by sending us an email at, sending us a ticket via, or by giving us a call at 801-422-7178.