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Aurora Quick Start Guide


Aurora is a web based solution to access files. In the College of Life Sciences, we use it to connect to the M-drive. In addition to giving access to M-drive files, Aurora also allows you to share folders and files with non-BYU faculty for a specified amount of time of your choosing.

NOTE: This is NOT the preferred method of accessing the M-drive from BYU supported computers. If you are on campus the normal desktop File Explorer with the M-drive mounted offers a lot more capabilities. Similarly, for BYU Windows 8 or 10 laptops used off campus, DirectAccess will allow you to use File Explorer as if you were on campus. An example of when Aurora would be preferred would be on non-BYU computers, for sharing folders with non-BYU faculty or when other methods are not functioning.

Summary of Benefits:

  • o Anywhere access to M-drive
  • o Ability to Share M-Drive Folders with non-BYU individuals

    • Allows specifying how long to share folders
    • Allows controlling what rights are given to shared individuals

How to use:

Aurora is a web based solution, so we will do everything in a web browser. You may use the browser of your choosing ie. Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

1. Open up a web browser (I will demo using Google Chrome)

2. Enter “” in the address bar or "" browser window.png

3. This will take you to the LSAurora sign in page. Log in with your netID and password

Aurora 2.0 sign in window.png

4. When you are in you will see an interface that looks almost identical to File Explorer. You should see your M-drive folders and any other shared drives you have access to.

LS Shared Files browser window.png

5. Notice the Download and Upload buttons on the top menu bar, you will use these to grab files from the M-drive or put them on respectively. The share folder button circled above is how you will share folders with other individuals.

6. This is the basics of using Aurora! You can go ahead and explorer it’s capabilities on your own, or continue reading for detailed instructions on Downloading/Uploading and Sharing Folders.


Because Aurora is on the web it will not have the same capabilities as your File Explorer on your computer. You can view most files by double clicking on them. To edit the files however, you will have to download the file, edit it and then upload it.

1. Downloading

a. Right click on the file and click Download

PC download dropdown.png

2. Uploading

a. In Aurora, navigate to the folder that you want to upload your file to

b. Click on Upload in the menu bar

Upload file pc screenshot.png

c. You have two options to choose your files, you may drag and drop the file onto the menu or click “Add” and navigate to your file that way.

i. As a side note, you may upload multiple files at a time in this manner

Select Files to be Uploaded window.png

d. Once you have done this click upload

Upload Files window.png

e. If you are uploading a file that has already existed choose what you would like to happen from the menu that appears. Otherwise if the file is new you will not see a menu.

Upload Conflict Pop-up.png

f. You are good to go! Go ahead and use Aurora anywhere you have internet access.

Sharing Files:

There have been many instances where BYU employees will have a need to share some M-Drive folders with non-BYU individuals for a period of time. Aurora gives you the flexibility to share specific folders with specific rights for a specified amount of time. The person to whom the folder will be shared will only need an email address. I will document first how the person sharing will initiate the sharing, then I will document how the person receiving the share will access the files.

Sharing Folders

1. The first step is to navigate to a folder that you want to share and double click on it to enter the folder. *make sure you do double click and enter the folder, otherwise you may find that you have shared the wrong folder*

a. NOTE: Aurora shares folders that contain files, not individual files. If you want to only share one file, it is recommended that you create a folder that contains only the file that you want to share.

LsAurora File icon.png

2. Next click on share folder button, making sure the path shows the folder that you want to share

PC Share Folder LsAurora.png

3. A menu will appear, enter the email address of the person you would like to share the folder with and specify permissions and how long you want to share the folder for. When you are finished click submit and aurora will send the email.

a. Again make sure in the path field that you have the folder selected that you want to share.

Share a Folder form.png

Receiving shared folders

1. Check your email. If the email address was correct that the sender entered, you should see an email within a few minutes.

Register your Email Life Sciences.png

2. The email will look similar to what is depicted below. If you do not have an aurora account, click “register your email address”.

a. If you have already registered an account skip to step 5

3. Fill in the information, use the same email account that you had the message sent to.

Register a new Account BYU LS.png

4. Return to your email account to confirm the registration process

BYU Life Sciences Email confirmation screenshot.png

5. Click the link to confirm your account

Email Confirmation screenshot.png

6. Click the second link to log in

Account Confirmed screenshot.png

7. Log in with your email and password

Aurora 2.0 Login screenshot.png

8. You will now see the shared folder and its contents, depending on what rights you were given you will be able to download and upload files to the share. Enjoy!

LsAurora Folder Desktop screenshot.png