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Backing Up Emails to Gmail

Introduction: It is always good to have a backup of emails. A great way to do this is to create a free Gmail account and have your emails sent there as well. This way if anything happens to your main email, or you cannot find an email that you know you received, you will have a second place to look. The added benefit of having a backup Gmail account to house your emails is that you can use it once your time at BYU has ended.

1. First we need to create a Gmail account to house the backup emails. See instructions for creating a Gmail account at the article “1.) Creating a Google Account” the only difference with the instructions supplied there is that we would suggest creating your account with the naming convention “”

2. Next we are going to open up Outlook (you can do this online or using the Desktop app, we are going to suggest using the desktop version)

Create Rule Outlook window.png

3. On the top bar in the Home tab click Rules and then Create Rule…

Create Rule Advanced Options window.png

4. Next click Advanced Options…

Rules Wizard conditions.png
Microsoft Outlook apply rule window.png

5. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked and click next. It will prompt and ask if you want to apply to all messages, click yes

Rules Wizard pc screenshot.png

6. Next check redirect it to people or public group and then click people or public group

Rule Address screenshot.png

7. In the To -> box enter the Gmail account you created in step 1, then click ok and then next

8. On the next screen Are there any exceptions keep everything unchecked and click next

Rules Wizard window screenshot.png

9. You can name the rule anything you like; we would suggest something like “BYU Email Backup – Catch All.” You can also check the box Run this rule on messages already in “Sent Items.” Make sure that the option Turn on this rule is checked as well. Click Finish

10. This rule should catch all emails you receive and “save” a copy in your Gmail account. We have found from experience that adding two additional rules ensure that more emails are caught and backed up. You will follow the same steps as mentioned above to create these new rules with a few differences. (Go through these following steps twice, first following for Rule 2 and then again following for Rule 3)

a. Step 5:

i. For Rule 2 instead of leaving the boxes unchecked check the box labeled sent only to me.

ii. For Rule 3 check the box Where my name is not in the To box

b. Step 8:

i. For Rule 2 name the Rule “BYU Email Backup – Only to Me”

ii. For Rule 3 name the Rule “BYU Email Backup – To Box”