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Welcome to Citrix. We have worked hard to include many applications for you and your students. If there are any other applications you would like to request give us a call at 2-7178 and we can try to get that for you!

Follow the steps below for how to install the Citrix Workspace desktop client, as well as how to get set up with Kumo so you can save (and keep) your files when using apps through Citrix:

  1. Go to this Citrix installation guide by OIT
  2. Scroll down to the "Automatic Method" section and select the appropriate download for your computer (Mac or Windows)
  3. Give it some time while Citrix Workspace installs on your machine
  4. Finally, log in using byu\YourNetID and password to log in and you should be good to go!
citrix workspace.png

**Note: If you run into any installation problems, you can try the steps for different devices under the "Manual Method" section in the installation guide above.

Kumo allows you to have all of your cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive etc) connected to Citrix. Follow the instructions in the following link to connect your Cloud storage to Citrix using Kumo.
Kumo setup guide

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