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Faculty Retirement Guides

Email Accounts Introduction:

Microsoft Exchange email accounts are a free service offered by BYU to it's full-time employees. When an employee retires, the university begins to be charged for their email account. For this reason retired employees are encouraged to migrate (copy and move) their email from their old Exchange account to another email service. We recommend using Gmail as it is a widely used and highly effective email service. Below we have created walk-through guides to help you move from using Exchange to Gmail. It is recommended to go through each article sequentially to have the best experience migrating to Gmail.

1. Creating a Google Account
2. Allow Outlook Connection
3. Adding Account to Outlook
4. Copying Folders/ Inbox
5. Exporting Contacts from Outlook
6. Alias Manager



While employed by BYU, box accounts are unlimited and already paid for active employees and students to use. After retirement from working at BYU or leaving sooner, you may still need access to some files that you used at BYU. To accomplish this, you may create a free box account (or get a subscription if you desire) and have existing faculty share the files with your new account.

Account Creation:

1. Go to and choose the plan you want. Note the different Storage and File upload limits associated with the Individual or Personal Pro accounts. For this walkthrough we are going to assume you chose the free Individual plan. Click Sign Up.

2. Fill out the following form using a personal email address that is different from your BYU email.

3. There will be another prompt asking if you want to pay for an account, go ahead and make sure “Box Individual” is selected and click submit.

4. You will get a message indicating that there was a confirmation email sent, check the email you had entered, click on the email from box and click “Verify Email.”

5. You will be redirected back to box where it will have you sign in with the personal email and password that you have just created. After you have signed in, there will be a prompt asking if you are using box for personal or work. Select the grey text “Skip this and go straight to box,” you can go through the personalization if you so choose.

6. You will be directed to your free (non BYU) box online account. You can now have faculty at BYU share folders from BYU account with you as they have always done. They will now just use your personal email address. For more information about sharing see our Box walkthrough video at and click on “Using Box Online.”

Things to Note:

Your account is limited to 10GB, but folders shared with you from BYU will be unlimited. However, while the folder will be unlimited your upload limit will still be 250MB per file.

You will still be able to use apps like Box Drive on your computer with your free account