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RingCentral Migration from Cisco IP Phones

Information regarding the use of RingCentral

The Office of IT has notified LSIT that the College of Life Sciences will be switched over to RingCentral (RC) in about the first or second week of June 2022. When this happens, LSIT will help install software and ensure that RC works on your desktops and/or laptops. LSIT may even guide those who want to install the software on their personal smartphones too.

Included below is a list of pros and cons of this "new" technology. Please be aware that your Cisco IP phones are Internet phones as well but tethered to the network cable in your office. However, with RC, you can work from any location so long as you have Internet connectivity and a device with the RC application installed, and you are signed in to your BYU account/number.

  • Sending/receiving texts is now an option
  • Free up desk space without the Cisco phone
  • Compatible with multiple devices and on most platform
  • Hands-free, with wired or wireless setup (no more neck-aches—holding phone handset between ear and neck)
  • Makes multi-tasking is easier on the computer
  • Can record a live call anytime during a conversation
  • Mobility - switch between devices during the same call
  • Maintains a call history making it easy to call back
  • Create a personal phone directory
  • Easy access speed dialing
  • Save favorite numbers from incoming calls
  • Block unwanted numbers from incoming calls
  • Robocall numbers are screened
  • Recorded voicemail messages are downloadable (in mp3 format)
  • If you are in a shared group with multiple lines, you can call from a different number
  • Phone operations (transfer, conference call, etc.) are easy
  • Every call regardless of device or location shows that it is made from your campus number. Great for cellphones! 
  • Not stuck in the office or tied to your desk anymore to make calls
  • Doesn't break easily, but if a device is broken, a backup device (cellphone, tablet, etc.) could be available
  • Customizable. Watch videos at for more instructions
  • Future proof. You can use this anywhere, with many device options, and under different circumstances
  • Optionally, you can choose your preferred headsets
  • Possibly more productivity with the accompanied use of your device
  • International coverage with no long-distance/international charge (only RC coverage area)
  • "New" system and new way to make/receive phone calls
  • Learning curve although not steep at all
  • No handset/button without the physical phone option
  • Must purchase your own accessories (speaker, microphone, headset, etc.)

Please prepare for this change in your phone system by ordering whatever accessories you need to make and receive calls (e.g. speakers, microphones, headsets with mics, etc.).

Please note that if you are already set up with Zoom conferencing, then the microphones and speakers that you currently have should work with RC. If you work in an open area and need privacy during your phone conversations, then a headset with a microphone would work better. Attached is a list of headsets that LSIT had tested and is still using in their office.

Headsets that are compatible with RingCentral (tested by OIT & LSIT)
Photo by Life Sciences IT

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