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College Procedures

Minor Protection Policy

College of Life Sciences entities will follow the BYU Minor Protection Policy when offering or sponsoring events where the intended participants are minors. The following outlines the three types of programs and activities that must be registered in the Minor Protection Registration System.


University Programs

  • Offered, sponsored, or operated by an organizational unit of the university.
  • Occurs on or off campus.
  • Intended participants are minors.
  • Volunteers are minors.

Authorized Educational Visits

  • Visit to camps by a school or similar educational group.
  • Visits is less than 8 hours in length.
  • Primary supervision of minors is responsibility of a school group.
  • Group signs agreement with BYU acknowledging intent to supervise minors.

Non-University Program

  • Offered, sponsored, or operated entirely by an organization not affiliated with BYU or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • Intended participants or volunteers are minors
  • Held on campus or utilizes university owned property

Exempt Events Events that do not need to be registered in the Minor Protection Registration System

  • Visits to campus by Church youth groups sponsored by college faculty and staff where the group will be overseen by the faculty and staff at all times.
    • Approval by the college safety officer is needed for any visit to a laboratory space.
  • Programs, activities, events and services open to the general public where parents/guardians are expected to supervise their minors.
  • Programs, activities, events, and services not open to the general public where parents/guardians are required to accompany their minors.
  • Research protocols involving minors as human subjects which are registered with the IRB.


All BYU personnel must successfully complete the university’s Minor Protection Training course within one year before the start of a program or activity involving minors in their area. Course is required annually.


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