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College of Life Science Scholarships

  • ALL applicants MUST have applied for a university scholarship.
  • All Department Scholarship Applications are part of the College Scholarship Application.
  • It is offered for the Fall and Winter semesters only.

The primary goal of the College Scholarship Committee is to award a scholarship to as many students as possible. Therefore, applicants receiving a university scholarship will be considered for, but not guaranteed for college scholarship.

Tips for excellent applications:

  • Don't miss the deadline. (February 1 at 11:59 PM)
  • Make sure that the application is COMPLETE (have your recommendation letters IN) before you submit it, and that you have hit the "Submit" button when you are done.
  • There is no character limit or requirement for the essays. With that in mind, be mindful about how you respond.
  • Although only 2 letters of recommendation are required, request 3 so that if someone misses the deadline your application still has 2 letters.
  • Don't think reviewers don't read essays and letters of recommendation. They do, and weigh them heavily. Have somebody else proofread your essays.


February 1 - University Scholarship Deadline

February 1 - College of Life Sciences Scholarship Deadline

February 1 - Letters of Recommendations for College Scholarship Due

June 15 - College of Life Sciences Scholarship Decisions

Ranking Criteria

1. Completeness of application, including the number of recommendations (2 required) and essays.

2. Grade Point Average

3. Content of essays (Thoughtfulness, clarity, etc.)

4. Letters of Recommendation