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Experience Based Courses

Anatomy Academy

Anatomy Academy is a Y-Serve program where students volunteer up to 3 hours/week to teach small groups of 4th – 6th graders about healthy living, nutrition, and basic anatomy. It is available during Fall and Winter semesters.

Bio-Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Interested in learning how to create and grow a business around an existing Life Sciences technology or idea? Once you’ve taken at least 6.0 credit hours of Life Sciences coursework, consider enrolling in PDBIO 444 for 2.0 hours in the Fall, and PDBIO 445 for 2.0 hours in the Winter.

Pendulum Court Cafe

The Food Production Management Laboratory (NDFS 375) is set up as The Pendulum Court Café, where dietetics students gain experience in foodservice management.

Phage Hunters

Phage Hunters is a two-semester (MMBIO 194 and 195) mentored research course dedicated to phage hunting, the discovery of previously unknown viruses that infect bacteria.