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Students participating in LFSCI 199R are expected to find their own internship experience and have it approved by Daniel Dearden, who will act as their internship coordinator. Once the internship experience is solidified between the student and the experience provider, students must email and include the following information:

  1. Name and NetID
  2. Major
  3. Company name they are interning with
  4. 3-6 sentences describing the experience AND how it is related to their major

If approved, Daniel will send further instructions, which will include submitting an online orientation in Canvas, submitting the Internship Registration and Management System (IRAMS) application for the university, and attending a pre-orientation appointment with Daniel.

LFSCI 199R (0.5 - 3.0 credit hours):

We offer a course for Life Sciences majors who are interested in earning credit for their shadowing, volunteering, or job experiences. NOTE: All experiences must be related to your major in order to qualify. Students must spend 45 hours on the experience for each 1.0 credit hour they want to earn.

College internship grants do not apply to LfSci 199R credit. Please read syllabus and apply for credit below.

Please see your Department Internship Coordinator if you want to earn credit for a research-based internship.

This site contains a general list of internships that may or may not be funded by the hosting facility. Please contact the institution directly for more information. BYU has no formal agreements with these internships. However, the Departments and College might provide modest funding for travel expenses. Students must meet the eligibility requirements and complete the Internship Travel Grant Application to apply for these funds.