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Name Emphasis Location Region
American Red Cross Various Washington D.C. East
American Society for Microbiology-Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF) Minority students interested in pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD in Microbiology Washington, DC East
American Society of Plant Biologists "Summer research funding- Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Deadline to apply: March 15 at 11:59 PM ET" Rockville City, MD East
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm Conservation Biology Dayton, OH East
Carolina Raptor Center PWS and Biology Majors Huntersville, NC East
Case Western Reserve University Multiple Cleveland, Ohio East
CCHMC SURF (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) Research in Pediatric Medicine: Developmental Biology, Congenital Disorders, Inherited Diseases, Cancer, Immunology, etc Cincinnati, OH East
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Management, Environmental Science Assateague Island, VA East
Cincinnati Children Various Cincinnati, OH East
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Biology and Other Cincinnati, OH East
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Biology, PWS, Animal Related Cincinnati, OH East
Coastal Systems Group Ecology New Nedford, MD East
Corteva Argiscience Biology, Plant Pathology, Informatics, Molecular Biology, Agriculture, etc. Various East
Delaware Nature Society Environmental Science, Wildlife, Agriculture, Education, etc. Greenville. DE East
Delaware Nature Society Environmental Science, Wildlife, Education, etc. Hockessin, DE East
Delaware Nature Society Environmental Science, Wildlife, Education, etc. Wilmington, DE East
Duke Center for Systems Biology Biology, Biomedical Durham, NC East
Eastern Kentucky University Biology, Biosciences, Ecology, Disturbance, Restoration, Conservation Richmond, KY East
Ecological Society of America The SPUR Fellowship is the highest honor in the SEEDS program, and fellows are encouraged to be the outstanding leaders in the future of ESA. The award supports the undergraduate student in designing and conducting an ecology research project of interest. SEEDS has established partnerships with field stations and mentors to offer exciting summer opportunities that will be tailored to meet your interests, career objectives and growth as a scientist. For most opportunities, no prior research experiences is necessary. Washington D.C. East
Environmental biology, biotechnology Experiential Learning in Natural Resource Sciences Lafayette, IN East
Food & Water Watch Clean Water and Safe Food- NDFS/PWS Internships Washington D.C., Washington D.C. East
Frontier Nursing Service Health Care, Medicine, Shadowing Wendover, KY East
Georgetown University Biology, Biosciences, Environmental Science, Public Policy, Ecology, Population Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Climate Change, Geoscience Washington D.C. East
J. Craig Venter Institute Expertise in Human and Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Microbial and Parasite Genomics, Cancer Genomics. Rockville, MD East
Johns Hopkins Medicine Various Baltimore, MD East
Johns Hopkins University Nanobiotechnology, Biotechnology, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, Biology, Biophysics, Bioengineering, Engineering, Chemical Engineering Baltimore, MD East
Kettering University Biology, Biosciences, Plants, Interdisciplinary, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Studies, Phylogenetics, Chemistry, Computational Biology, Material Science, Engineering Flint, MI East
Kresge Hearing Research Institute Biomedical Sciences MI East
Miami University Ecology and Environmental Science Oxford, OH East
Miami University (Ohio) Landscapes, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology, Conservation, Diversity, Behavior Oxford, OH East
Michigan State University Various East Lansing, MI East
Michigan State University Plant Genomics, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computational Biology East Lansing, MI East
Michigan State University Ecology, Evolution, Climate Change, Population Dynamics, Community Assembly Hickory Corners, MI East
National Aquarium in Baltimore Biology/Botany Baltimore, MD East
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Various Research Triangle Park, NC East
National Museum of Natural History Various Washington DC East
National Science Foundation Various Arlington, VA East
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program Bioengineering Washington D.C. East
North Carolina Botanical Gardens Horticulture/Botany Chapel Hill, NC East
North Carolina State University Pollinators, Microbiology, Disease Raleigh, NC East
Ohio State Stone Laboratory Some of our Students Study Algae. More Specifically, Toxicity and Environmental Drivers of Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms. Columbus, OH East
Ohio State University Plant Pathology Columbus, OH East
Ohio State University Medical Center Those interested in MD/PhD programs Columbus, OH East
Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Eastern, NC East
Purdue University Environmental Biology, Biotechnology West Lafayette, IN East
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Environmental Studies Edgewater, MD East
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Climate change, biological invasions, biodiversity and ecosystem function, environmental education, biogeochemistry, Chesapeake Bay, global change ecology, forest ecology, marine ecology, estuarine ec Edgewater, MD East
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Animal Care and Research Washington, DC East
The Institute for Genomic Research Genomic Research Rockville, MD East
The National Zoo Various Research/Internship Listings Front Royal, Virginia East
The Nation's Health Health Journalism Washington, DC East
The Smithsonian Institution of Natural History and Museum Anthropology, Botany, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Mineral Science, Paleobiology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Museum Education National Museum of History, Washington D.C. East
Thermo Fisher Scientific Biotechnology Frederick, MD East
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Various Washington, DC East
University of Cincinnati: RGE (SURF) Biomedical (pre-med) Research Cincinnati, OH East
University of Deleware Food Security, Agriculture Newark, DE East
University of Kentucky Agricultural Research Skills, Sustainable Agriculture Lexington, KY East
University of Maryland Integrated Pest Management Berwyn, MD East
University of Michigan Various Ann Arbor, MI East
University of Michigan School of Public Health Public Health Ann Arbor, MI East
University of North Carolina Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Cellular Biophysics, Structural Biology, Computational Biology, Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics Chapel Hill, NC East
University of North Carolina Biotechnology, Genomics, Phylogenetics, Transgenic Animals, Transgenic Plants, Nanoparticles, Biofuels, Environmental Toxicology Charlotte, NC East
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Structural Biology Chapel Hill, NC East
University of Notre Dame Biosciences, Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics Portage Township, IN East
University of Notre Dame Cell and Molecular Biology South Bend, IN East
University of Tennessee Agriculture, Natural Resources, Food Security Knoxville, TN East
University of Virginia - Blandy Experimental Farm Plant-insect Interactions, Pollination Biology, Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation, Invasive Species, Aquatic Ecology, and Applied Insect Ecology Millwood, VA East
University of Virginia - Mountain Lake Biological Station Population Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Charlottesville, VA East
US Naval Research Laboratory "Biosensor Design and Engineering, Bio-fuels and Alternative Energy Materials, Organic/Inorganic Molecular Imprinting, Molecular Engineering of Bioconstructs for Chemical and Biotoxin Detection Meta-Proteomics and Mass Spectral-Based Proteome Profiling, Fluorescence Energy Transfer (FRET) Analysis Early Review Deadline: November 15th 2018 Application Deadline: January 4th 2019 " Washington, D.C. East
USDA-funded programs Government Job Search Page Washington, D.C. East
Vanderbilt University Molecular & Cellular Biology, Pharmacology, Biomedical, Vascular Biology, Cellular Microbiology of Germs and Defenses, Integrative Cancer Biology, clinical research Nashville, TN East
Virginia Tech Each Project Involves Conducting Basic and Applied Research in Plant Science, Molecular Biology or Food Security. Blacksburg, VA East