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Mentored Research

What is Mentored Research?

Mentored research is a special opportunity for students to participate in scientific research with the guidance and supervision of a Professor. The College of Life Sciences has over 100 different research labs students can participate in.

How do I get a mentored research position?

Where do I start?

1. Find a professor and research area that interests you.

  • Click on a department below to explore different professors and their research areas. Their names and pictures link to their profiles for more information.
  • Some professors have prerequisites required to work in their lab. Make sure you have those completed before meeting with them.

2. Meet with a professor.

  • Reach out and schedule a time to meet them. If they don't respond to an email or phone call, drop by their office!
  • Be proactive and invest time in studying the faculty’s research, journal articles, etc., and be prepared to ask questions and comment on his/her research when you meet.
  • The best time to meet with a faculty member about mentored research is at the beginning of winter semester (Jan-Mar). By that time they should know when and if a position will be available for you.

3. Start your research!

  • You will need a permission-to-add code from the faculty member in charge in order to register for their research section.
  • Remember, for every one credit you wish to earn in mentored research, plan on spending at least three hours/week in the lab during semesters or six hours/week in the lab during terms. Have Fun!

Note: If you need research credit for your major and you want to do it with a professor from a different department, you will need to contact your department to see if they will substitute it for your required credits.