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Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Brad Berges

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-8112
Room: 3136 LSB

Emphasis: Viral Infections and Immunity

Pre-requisites: Interview

Don Breakwell

December 06, 2019
Phone: 801-422-2378
Room: 2060 LSB

Emphasis: Microbiology Education and Bacteriophage Genomics

Pre-requisites: Interview; Phage Hunters (MMBio 194 & 195)

Mary Davis

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-6207
Room: 3129 LSB

Emphasis: Statistical Genetics and Biomedical Informatics Lab. Harness the power of electronic medical records (EMR) for investigating the genetic causes of complex human diseases, namely multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease.

Pre-requisites: Current unoffical transcript, CV or resume, description of educational interests and goals. Completion of at least two of the following: STAT 121, MMBio 121, CS 235, PWS 340, MMBio 240, Bio 165, MMBio 463, Bio 463

David Erickson

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1981
Room: 3133 LSB

Emphasis: Molecular interactions between bacteria and their hosts

Pre-requisites: MMBio 151; interview

R Paul Evans Jr

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-3259
Room: 3139 LSB

Emphasis: Molecular Biology

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Joel Griffitts

July 01, 2020
Phone: 801-422-7997
Room: 3131 LSB

Emphasis: Bacterial genetic engineering, and the role of bacteria in protecting plants against environmental stress.

Pre-requisites: MMBio 240

Julianne Grose

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-4940
Room: 3140 LSB

Emphasis: Regulation of Central Metabolism with Emphasis on Microbiome Manipulation through Bacteriophage Therapy and Probiotics

Pre-requisites: Interview

Sandra Hope

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1310
Room: 3134 LSB

Emphasis: Flow Cytometry research applications.

Pre-requisites: MMBio 241, letter of interest with resume’ and permission to view grades, and interview.

Steve Johnson

December 13, 2019
Phone: 801-422-9170
Room: 3132 LSB

Emphasis: Nucleosomes; Gene Regulation; Chromatin; Epigenetics

Pre-requisites: MMBio 240; interview

Kim O'Neill

Phone: 801-422-2449
Room: 3142 LSB

Emphasis: Cancer Research; Immunology

Pre-requisites: MMBio 240, 241

Brett Pickett

April 16, 2020
Phone: 801-422-2506
Room: 3141 LSB

Emphasis: RNA-sequencing, transcriptomic analysis, comparative genomics of pathogens, signaling pathway enrichment, statistical analysis, data mining, data science, machine learning, computational biology, genome assembly, genome annotation

Pre-requisites: MMBIO 240; Interview

Brian Poole

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-8092
Room: 3138 LSB

Emphasis: Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Risk for Autoimmunity; Vaccine Hesitancy

Pre-requisites: Interview

Richard Robison

Phone: 801-422-2416
Room: 3131 LSB

Emphasis: Molecular pathogenesis and host immune responses to infection; Molecular diagnostics; Disinfection and infection control

Pre-requisites: Chem 105, 106, 107; MMBio 151 or MMBio 222; Interview

Scott Weber

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-6259
Room: 3137 LSB

Emphasis: Improving the immune response to cancer, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma.

Eric Wilson

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-4138
Room: 3135 LSB

Emphasis: Improving the immune response to cancer, infectious disease, asthma, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pre-requisites: Chem 105, 106; MMBio 240; interview. Minimum one year commitment