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Exercise Sciences

Bruce Bailey Jr

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-8674
Room: 267 SFH

Emphasis: Lifestyle Medicine; Weight Management; Cardiometabolic Health.

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Dustin Bruening

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1420
Room: 120F RB

Emphasis: Foot and Ankle Mechanics; Healthy and Pathological Gait; Sports Biomechanics; Biomechanical Modeling and Methods

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Lance Davidson

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-2984
Room: 271 SFH

Emphasis: Obesity Comorbidities; Long-Term Bariatric Surgery Outcomes; Assessment of Fitness/Body Composition/Metabolism; Exercise Interventions for Obesity and Chronic Disease.

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Mike Diede

July 15, 2019
Teaching Professor
Phone: (801) 422-1452
Room: 274 SFH

Emphasis: Dislocation Reduction; Concussions.

Prerequisites: AT students preferred.

Brent Feland

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1182
Room: 120A RB

Emphasis: Aging, Rehabilitation, Vibration mechanics and Neuromechanics, Elastography.

Pre-requisites: Anatomy

Jayson Gifford

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-3090
Room: 116D RB

Emphasis: Physical (In)Activity and Cardio-Metabolic Function; Exercise Intolerance; VO2 Max; Aging; Air Pollution and Vascular Function

Pre-requisites: Able to commit for at least 2-3 semesters

Ron Hager Jr

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1183
Room: 228B SFH

Emphasis: Health-related outcomes in older adults.

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Ty Hopkins

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1573
Room: 120B RB

Emphasis: Neuromechanics of Joint Injury and Rehabilitation

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Iain Hunter

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1434
Room: 120C RB

Emphasis: Running Economy and Track and Field Technique.

Pre-requisites: EXSC 362; good understanding of Newtonian physics and math.

Robert Hyldahl

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1237
Room: 272 SFH

Emphasis: Skeletal muscle physiology; Mechanisms of skeletal muscle regeneration; Skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise and aging.

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Wayne Johnson

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-5490
Room: 266 SFH

Emphasis: Rehabilitation and function of the lower extremity and foot, and of the spine; musculoskeletal imaging; ultrasound imaging and MRI; physical therapy; orthopedics

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Gary Mack

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-2466
Room: 120G RB

Emphasis: Body Fluid Regulation; Cardiovascular Regulation during Exercise in the Heat: Human Thermoregulation

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Ulrike Mitchell

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-3344
Room: 268 SFH

Emphasis: Spine and Intervertebral Disc; Low Back Pain; Core Muscle Symmetry

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Brad Nelson

May 01, 2020
Phone: 801-422-1189
Room: 120D RB

Emphasis: Skeletal muscle physiology, specifically the cellular mechanisms of conditions (inactivity, aging, disease) that impair skeletal muscle function

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Allen Parcell

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-4450
Room: 106F SFH

Emphasis: Skeletal Muscle Myopathies; Functional and Adaptive Characteristics of Muscle Cytoskeleton

Pre-requisites: None Listed
Phone: 801-422-4970
Room: 120E RB

Emphasis: Biomechanics of Human Gait; Neuromechanical Effects of Knee Pain during Human Movement; Wearable Technology

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Larry Tucker

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-4927
Room: 237 SFH

Emphasis: Lifestyle and Disease Prevention; Obesity and Weight Management

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Pat Vehrs

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-1626
Room: 228-A SFH

Emphasis: Body Composition; Exercise Testing and Prescription; Prediction of Cardiorespiratory Fitness; Energy Expenditure; Sonographic Measurement of Blood Flow and Blood Flow Restriction Exercise

Pre-requisites: None Listed

Aaron Wells

July 15, 2019
Phone: 801-422-4776
Room: 228E SFH

Emphasis: Therapeutic Modalities and Musculoskeletal Healing

Pre-requisites: None Listed