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College & Building Policies

Signage and Promotional Materials

Official student academic associations, departments, and services of the College of Life Sciences and BYU may advertise using posters placed on standing easels and on the digital signage in the LSB lobbies. The purpose of these communications is to inform students, faculty, and staff of events and announcements relevant to the College of Life Sciences in a professional manner.

  • Request for any easel must be submitted through the LS scheduler website. In the “intended use” field, list the purpose of the easel, how it is relevant to the college, and the sponsoring department or club.
  • If approved, the poster to be displayed on the easel must be brought to the dean’s suite (5000 LSB) for a time and date stamp prior to being displayed.
  • Easels may be checked out from the dean’s suite for use.
  • Easels that are placed in the LSB without a reservation or that have not been approved will be removed.
  • Digital signage requests should be sent to no later than 7 business days before the event date.

Compliance Resources